The Disturbingly Bizarre Disappearance of Pennsylvania's Fawn Mountain


Did the young woman run away? Or was she killed or kidnapped?
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[Trigger warning: This story includes violence, abuse, and harassment.]

Fawn Marie Mountain is a beautiful young woman from Pennsylvania, USA. She’s a sweet, caring lady who loved adventures. People adored her for her cheerful and entertaining attitude, and she’s so friendly that she’d go above and beyond to help her friends in need.

Yet, things didn’t go well for her.

Fawn’s childhood was tough. Her parents fought all the time, and her family and family friends sexually abused her. While this led to trust issues, the kid still did her best for her friends.

Despite having a troublesome childhood, Fawn was a cheerful and warm person. She spent a lot of time with her cousin, Bridgette, who loved her to bits. Her school friends also remembered her as a lively person who was involved in several extracurricular activities.

However, Fawn always seemed to attract the wrong guys. At a young age, she got pregnant twice with an abusive guy. He made her life miserable. But Fawn, being a loyal person, didn’t give up on him. It led to several years of suffering. Eventually, when the guy left her, she felt so weak and inferior that she lost custody of her kids.

Fawn tried to move on, but the damage was done. She got into drugs and alcohol and also in other abusive relationships. She got pregnant again, but the baby was unfortunately stillborn. It devastated her, and her daughter’s ashes were the only thing Fawn cared for.

The happy kid matured into a distressed woman.

Finding Her ‘True Love’

In 2009, Fawn met Heather in a local pub.

There was an immediate spark between the two. This was Fawn’s first relationship with a woman, and she was excited. She believed that this would change her life, and things would be better.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

After the two started dating, Fawn changed a lot. She focused more on Heather and would often forget her friends and family. Within a few months of dating, they moved in together. Though the speed of their relationship worried Fawn’s well-wishers, they couldn’t say much.

So, Heather and Fawn got a trailer in Claysburg, about 25 minutes away from Fawn’s town. Heather’s family owned a butcher shop there, and Heather and her brother, Mike, often worked there.

Mike’s girlfriend, Stephanie, also moved in with her boyfriend, and they got a trailer next to Heather and Fawn. Stephanie loved Fawn and was very comfortable with her. She, however, didn’t like Heather so much.

According to Stephanie, Heather was a tough woman to live with. She was short-tempered, rough, and cold. Stephanie even mentioned that Heather’s previous partners got restraining orders against her because she abused them. So, naturally, she was concerned for Fawn.

However, none of this seemed to bother Fawn. She was madly in love with Heather and wanted to live happily with her.

The Abuse Begins

Soon after the couple moved in together, Heather’s behavior changed. She manipulated Fawn and kept her under her control all the time.

Heather would take Fawn wherever she went. She never left her alone, fretting that she’d leave her. And if she couldn’t bring Fawn with her, like when she’s at work, she’d lock her up in her car, turn on the alarm system so that it rings if Fawn tried to escape. Fawn wasn’t allowed to work or socialize with other people. Heather never trusted her.

Now, you may question Fawn’s choices or decisions. But let me remind you that Fawn is a loyal person. Her experiences made her vulnerable. Plus, she had no money or resources. So, she genuinely believed that Heather was doing all this to protect her.

Initially, the abuse seemed to be only verbal. But, it turned physical quickly.

Once, Fawn’s mother, Dorothy, noticed Fawn covering her neck and hands with long sweatshirts and hoodies. When Dorothy persisted, Fawn showed her the scars of violence.

Heather had tortured Fawn so many times that even the hospital staff got suspicious and tried to help Fawn. They asked some tough questions, which obviously made Heather uncomfortable. While she kept changing the hospitals they visited, she didn’t stop hurting Fawn.

All Those Escape Attempts

Eventually, Fawn realized she couldn’t live with Heather. The violence and abuse were too much for her to handle.

She tried to sneak away when Heather wasn’t paying attention to her. But every time she attempted to go away, Heather would find her and drag her back to the trailer. Life was miserable for the poor woman.

Heather threatened Fawn that if she ever left the trailer, she’d dump her daughter’s ashes in the trash. Now, let me remind you that nothing in this world was more valuable to Fawn than her daughter’s ashes. So, it terrified her to lose them, and she’d convince herself to stay with Heather.

But in February 2011, Fawn couldn’t take it anymore. She desperately wanted to leave and start a new life.

So, one day, Heather locked Fawn in the car with the usual alarm system turned on. Despite the fear of triggering the alarm, Fawn escaped. She called her friend to pick her up. They stopped at the trailer to pick Kaydin’s ashes. But when they got there, Fawn realized she didn’t have the keys to the trailer. So, while she tried to break the lock, Heather called the police and complained that Fawn was breaking in.

The court charged Fawn $2,700 for felony burglary and trespassing. No one believed her when she tried to explain that she lived there. At the same time, Fawn’s mother, Dorothy, received a restraining order from Fawn. No one knew how Heather sent that order. It shouldn’t be that easy to get a restraining order, right?

So, now, without her lifeline and only support, Fawn felt truly alone. She had no place to go and no one to help her. The woman lost all hope.

She’s Gone

In 2012, Fawn tried to escape again. Despite the restraining order, Fawn went to her mother’s house because she was helpless. But Heather called the police and got Dorothy arrested for violation of the restraining order. Her mother was locked up in jail for two days.

After this incident, Dorothy was concerned about Fawn. She knew Heather was hurting her but couldn’t help Fawn. In desperate times, Dorothy called the police and asked them to check on Fawn. The police would also assure her that Fawn was fine. In November 2012, they recorded the last such check.

Before Thanksgiving, Fawn, Heather, and her family spent time together getting ready for the hunting season. And to thank everybody for their help, Heather’s father offered drinks. To Heather’s annoyance, Fawn also had some drinks and enjoyed the day.

Later that evening, Fawn, Heather, Mike, and Stephanie headed back to their trailers. Fawn told Stephanie that she enjoyed the day. She wanted to spend the rest of the night watching a horror movie and relaxing. Stephanie found Fawn cheerful after a long time. But Stephanie never expected that’d be the last time she’d see her.

On November 26th, 2012, Heather’s parents came to pick their kids for work. As they reached the trailer, they saw Heather casually smoking a cigarette. It was odd to see Heather without Fawn. After all, the woman brought Fawn wherever she went.

So, Stephanie asks about Fawn, and Heather randomly admitted that Fawn ran away in the middle of the night. She claimed to search for her but couldn’t find her. Now Heather’s answer was suspicious. She never left Fawn, and even when Fawn tried to escape, she’d always drag her back home.

Stephanie knew something was wrong.

Heather’s Suspicious Behavior

It wasn’t like Heather to not search for Fawn. For years, Heather would lose her mind if Fawn wasn’t where she expected her to be.

But this time, she didn’t try to find her. She didn’t call Fawn’s mother, her friends, or the police. She was completely cool with Fawn’s disappearance.

Strangely, Fawn also took nothing from the trailer. Not even Kaydin’s ashes. Plus, it was a late November night. With no jackets, she wouldn’t survive the cold.

Stephanie contacted Dorothy about Fawn’s whereabouts but found out that she knew nothing. Dorothy then reached out to the police, but the police didn’t register a complaint because Fawn was an adult.

A week after Fawn’s disappearance, Heather started behaving strangely. Randomly, she asked her father to remodel the trailer completely. Plus, they started building a dog run in the backyard with concrete but never finished the project.

A week after this odd remodeling project, Heather moved to Ohio. In a couple of months, she met someone else and started dating her. She didn’t care for Fawn at all.

A few months later, Heather moved back to Pennsylvania and helped her family close their butcher shop. And whenever someone asked Heather about Fawn, she’d come up with some story like she was in jail, or she ran away with another guy. She just said whatever came to her mind.

Most people didn’t know the poor lady was missing for years.

The Real Search Effort

In 2015, Fawn’s uncle contacted Heather. Fawn’s stepdad was in the hospital, and he wanted to meet Fawn. Neither Heather nor Dorothy had notified the family that Fawn was missing for three years.

Yet, Heather didn’t tell them that Fawn was missing. She acted like Fawn was there with her and even affirmed that she’d pass on the message to Fawn. But when the family couldn’t speak to Fawn after multiple attempts, they visited her in person. And that’s when they knew Fawn was missing.

The family then realized that Fawn’s social security checks were still sent to the trailer. Probably that was why Heather informed none about Fawn’s disappearance. So when Dorothy registered a complaint at the Social Security Office, they sent a notice to the trailer, summoning Fawn to come to the office if she wanted to receive those checks. And only at this point, the police agreed to register a complaint.

So, the police finally filed a complaint after three years.

The police interviewed everyone Fawn knew and took signed statements. But they hardly did anything more than that. Since Fawn was already missing for three years, there was little to no clue left. The case turned cold quickly.

Bridgette’s Involvement

Even at that point, only a few people knew about Fawn’s disappearance. Fawn’s favorite cousin, Bridgette, knew about this only in 2017, five years after Fawn went missing. Over the years, Bridgette and Fawn had drifted away because Heather never allowed Fawn to contact anyone. Plus, Bridgette had a baby, and life moved on.

Bridgette wanted to do everything in her power to find Fawn. She realized she needed to be an advocate and push the police to continue the search. She also contacted Stephanie to gather information.

The two of them reached out to other people and started their own investigation. But it was already five years, and details were foggy. Almost everyone they reached out to told them they’d already spoken to the police.

Bridgette then asked the police for information, and they confessed the records were missing. All those signed statements were gone. Plus, the officer who handled the case was fired from the department, and they reassigned no one to the inquiry.

Fawn’s missing report was neglected for several years.

The Current Situation

In August 2017, Bridgette pushed for an investigation, and the state was finally involved. Their involvement seemed to improve the situation, and the police were making sincere efforts to find her. A $10,000 reward was also offered for solid leads.

In late 2017, Heather was evicted from the trailer park for her violent behavior. And after she left, the police searched the grounds for any information on Fawn. They especially wanted to check the concrete dog yard. But they found nothing.

Bridgette and her family also contacted media houses to spread the word. They did several interviews and requested people to offer information. And in 2018, they also started support groups and are now actively raising awareness on social media.

Nothing seemed easy for the unfortunate lady. It’s disheartening to note that the woman’s life was destroyed at every stage of her life. Her rough childhood had shattered her self-esteem. Her abusive relationships over the years broke her from the inside. Plus, the police’s lack of interest further contributed to the injustice.

Had someone helped her get through life, she wouldn’t be in this unfortunate situation. I only hope her family receives the confidence and peace they deserve.


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