Living with an Anxious Dog Named Rosie

Shelley Wenger

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Many dogs struggle with anxiety. Even a veterinary technician can have a troubled pet. Well, most techs and people in the veterinary field have at least one pet with issues!

My anxious dog’s name is Rosie. Now, she was always a sensitive sort. When the boys were playing rough and yelling, she was hiding in the corner looking worried. She won’t go to the bathroom unless I walk all the way up top with her. Otherwise, she thinks I am just going to put her outside and leave her there. She waits by the back porch until I am far enough up that she feels comfortable enough to join me!

Now, her anxiety was there, but it was never horrible until she got left home alone when the tornado went right past my house. Now, she is the most anxious, stressed-out dog that I know. In fact, I even broke my toe the other day tripping over her! She was so wound up that I was going to leave her, and she hurried in my direction as I was heading hers.

We went to my parent’s house the other day, and she couldn’t even settle down. She was so worried that we were going to leave her that she kept pacing from one person to another, making sure that everyone was where they needed to be!

Are you dealing with an anxious dog? here are some things that you can do to help.

Make sure that your dog gets enough exercise. Anxious dogs have so much energy. They are so wound up, that any amount of exercise can help a little bit. Rosie enjoys taking care of her animals, so it is important that she has a few hours to run around the field every day. I notice that, when she doesn’t have that (because it is raining or we are busy running errands), she is much more anxious.
Photo byShelley Wenger

Keep a schedule. Dogs, like people, with anxiety, do much better when they have a schedule. It helps them to know exactly what they should expect. They know when they are going to be getting up, eating, and going to the bathroom. This just makes them feel so much more settled. You should do your best to keep a schedule for your dog to help with his or her anxiety.

Look into Adatpil collars. There are also sprays and diffusers that you may want to use in your home. These pheromones are similar to the ones that puppies smell from their mother, which comforts them.

I wasn’t too sure about the Adaptil collar, until Rosie’s wore off. I definitely realized that I didn’t trip over her as much, but it wasn’t until the month was over that I realized that she was back to being super anxious all of the time.

My mom had mentioned that the last time that she had her, she was very calm. On Thanksgiving, she couldn’t stop pacing over there while we were all eating and playing games! So, I am definitely going to be ordering another one (and make sure that I keep them on hand)!


If you would like to try an Adaptil collar, I got mine at Amazon. You can check it out right here.


Ask your veterinarian for advice. There are times when pheromones are just not enough. We often prescribe Trazadone and Gabapentin for dogs that deal with anxiety. This often makes their lives (and their owner’s lives) better!
Photo byShelley Wenger

Anxiety in dogs is a real thing. They may be like Rosie and constantly look worried. They may not leave your side or pace back and forth to make sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be. The best thing that I could have done for Rosie is buy her an Adaptil collar. Though I didn’t see much of a difference, the truth is that I noticed it once it wore off!


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