Another Duggar Daughter Speaks Out

Shelley Wenger

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A book review of Jill Duggar-Dillard's book Counting the Cost.

Like many others, I became obsessed with the Duggar family when I first saw them on television. Now, I didn’t get a chance to see them right away since we didn’t have cable television. However, I just had to learn more once I got a peek into their lives.

A family with nineteen children seemed so extreme, yet all children were so well-behaved. There weren’t fights and broken things. All of the children worked together to help the household run smoothly. It was amazing!

As the girls got older, started courting, and got married, I was equally excited to see these girls grow into the women that they were meant to be. I was (like most) equally curious about whether or not they would start growing their family regularly like their parents.

I never knew much about Jill Duggar since she wasn’t on the show as much due to her ministry. However, I was equally curious about why she seemed to grow apart from her own family.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I opened her book, but wow, I was impressed! Jill isn’t afraid to open up her heart and let us see what she has been dealing with all these years. Though she always was a dutiful first daughter, the truth is that she was in a lot of pain throughout her childhood. She did as she was told, smiled, and grew up in front of all of us.

When it came to the show, the truth was that she really didn’t know what was going on. She knew that there were better groceries and more elaborate trips when the cameras were rolling. However, as she married and started her own family and life as a missionary, she started to realize that there were some red flags about life in front of the cameras.

Between everything that was going on with her brother Josh and not receiving any money for filming, Jill and Derick had a lot to learn about the secrets, manipulation, and intimidation that was going on. Some of it was from the TV show, while her father was also a part of the problem.

It has taken years and plenty of therapy, but Jill is finally ready to talk (and you should want to listen)! It amazes me that, even though she was married, she was still supposed to be under her parents’ control. She isn’t afraid to talk about wearing pants, using contraceptives (for her own health), her mental health, and much more. Even better, it is good to see that she found a good partner in Derick. Despite their strange start, they seem to be a good match and have a nice family. Here is to the hope that they can move on and have the life that they deserve!


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