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Shelley Wenger

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Her Amish Misfits Series is Starting Out So Strong!
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Whenever I am looking for a good read without a lot of drama, I know who I can turn to: Samantha Price. This time, I grabbed her four-in-one Amish Misfits series and I couldn’t be more pleased!

In The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged, we meet Emma, who has struggled ever since her parents died when she was young. After moving in with her disagreeable grandmother, she was sent to help the Eshes, another Amish family struggling when the mother got diagnosed with cancer. Though it was hard work taking care of all the sons, she truly enjoyed her time with them.

Fast-forward a few years to the time when she was living with her aunt and uncle, her uncle announced that it was time for her to marry! Emma was shocked, but even more when Thomas Esh turned up to be a match. When she was taking care of the Eshes, it was rumored that he drank and gambled away his money. In order to get out of the engagement and marriage, she fled the house and moved to the city where she found employment as a maid and nanny for a kind woman and her two children.

Her path crosses Thomas again when she comes back to Lancaster County for a wedding. But was she wrong to run away, or should she have stayed in order to learn more about the man that she was supposed to marry?

If you want to start with The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged, you can pick it up right here.

In The Amish Spinster, we meet Lydia. She is one of the tallest women in her community, which makes her stand out. In fact, she is taller than many of the men in her community, which is why she is still unmarried. As her younger sisters fall in love, she starts to feel even worse about her situation.

Because of this, she decides to go and stay with her Aunt Stella in another community. When she arrived there, she is shocked to find out that her Aunt already has a plan to help her find a mate. Between meeting men in the community and writing to others, Lydia is sure to find the right Amish man for her. Or is she looking in the wrong place?

If you want to start with The Amish Spinster, you can check it out right here.

Then, there is The Amish Bishop’s Daughter, where we meet Anna Weaver. Because she is the Bishop’s daughter, she is held to a higher standard. Even worse, she is the only daughter. Her brothers have already moved out, married, and moved on with their lives. However, Anna is kept at home to take care of her mother, who is struggling with her health.

Anna is the one who does all the baking and cooking, as well as serving drinks and food to all the people who visit her father on church business, as well as going to him for advice. She is only allowed to go out for a few hours on Saturday to spend time with her only friend, Naomi.

When her cousin comes to visit, Anna starts to see how hard her life is. And thinking about marriage and how she would have to take care of two households when she moves out with her husband. However, the only boy that she truly cares for is struggling to settle down. He can’t seem to decide whether he wants to get baptized or leave the faith. And Anna doesn’t know where that leaves her?

You can read this novel here to see how Anna makes out with Levi.

This collection ends with The Amish Single Mother. Jane Byler lives the life of an Amish woman shunned, though she never was. During her rumspinga, she was raped and later found out she was pregnant. As an unmarried mother, she was disowned by her parents and many in the community.

She has made a quiet but busy life with her daughter Tilly. She rents a small home from an older Amish man, where she supports herself and her daughter by making cupcakes for a restaurant in town. She doesn’t have much time for friends anyway.

When her abuser finds out about his daughter, his family decides to get custody of their grandchild. What is Jane to do? Will her new friend stay by her side, or will he find someone in the community who is much less complicated than she is?

You can read it right here to find out!

Don't want to buy them individually? You can grab the first four in this collection right here. I am ready to move on to the next collection. I am sure that you will feel the same way!


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