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I Never Thought Something Like This Could Happen Here

Shelley Wenger

Small-town living has always felt pretty safe for me!
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Yesterday started out as a normal day off for me - a long list of things I needed to do before everyone else got home. And as usual, it was several days worth of tasks. Not just one. However, my day quickly changed when I saw the news.

First, I saw the post on Facebook about the sudden passing of April Rehbein and was overwhelmed. She was a frequent client at my work and I knew her quite well. I also saw her many times when the community had some things, such as a small engine show in the park. She would bring her grandchildren and would always say hi to me!

Then, as I continued to scroll through Facebook, I saw the real story and I couldn't believe what I read. Things like that just didn't happen around here. Even as I heard about the man who escaped from prison in Pennsylvania didn't quite seem real. He was a few hours away and seemingly staying close to Philadelphia where he escaped. He wasn't trying to get away.

How could a man kill his wife in our safe small town? She was so sweet every time that she came in my work. She was so helpful when we were trying to buy property in her township, where she worked.

They were married and had children and grandchildren together. It wasn't like they were just getting to know each other, though that isn't right either. I just feel like once you have been together so long, what is there to bother you anymore?

And if the rumors are true? Did he really kill her in front of his daughter and grandchildren? Who could do something like that?

I am just still in disbelief over the news and I am just not sure how safe I will feel. Bad things aren't supposed to happen around here! I just don't believe that anymore. I just don't really know what I am supposed to feel anymore.


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