Reasons To Adopt an Older Cat

Shelley Wenger

Though most people prefer kittens, there are some advantages to adopting an older cat.
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Most people think about cute and cuddly kittens when they think of adding a cat to their household. However, that isn’t their only option. Many adult cats and older ones need a good home. In fact, getting a cat that is a little older may be the best option for you and your family.

Here are some reasons why you may want to adopt an older cat instead of a kitten. 

Older cats aren’t as much trouble as kittens. Most of the time, older cats already know how to use the litter box, so you won’t have to worry bout accidents in your home. That being said, if your older cat is urinating outside of the litter box, you should get him or her checked out! 

Kittens are also very mischievous. They will jump on your sofas, beds, and even countertops. They may knock things off of the counter, making a huge mess. They may also climb with their nails, putting holes in your furniture, and pulling down your curtains. 

When a cat ages, he or she calms down. Your older cat may play for a little while, but spend plenty of time sleeping! He or she may just enjoy spending time in your lap, instead of racing around the house. 

Older cats are better at keeping themselves clean. Kittens don’t spend as much time grooming themselves as adults do, so you may have to do it for them. You may have to groom your kitten daily to ensure that he or she is as clean as possible. 

Teething isn’t pleasant for most owners. When a kitten is teething, he or she will bite and chew on anything in order to relieve the pain. This may be you, your furniture, or anything that you may have lying around. They may chew things like wire which could be quite harmful. You won’t have to worry about this stage when you get an older cat. 

Older cats are often better when you have small children. Too many kittens get hurt when they are handled by young children. They can also be more reactive, hurting your children the same way. They may not want to sit still to be held and petted, so they may use their claws to get away. Older cats may be more likely to lie around and get petted. 

They may also need you more. When most people go for a new cat, they go for a kitten. Even kittens in shelters get adopted faster than adults and even older cats. Many older cats will spend the rest of their lives in shelters, never finding a good home. So, if you have room in your home and heart, you just may want to pick an older cat who needs you! 

Though you may want an adorable kitten, you may want to think twice before taking it home. There are many adults and older cats that may be better suited to your home and life. Plus, they usually aren’t as much trouble as some of their young counterparts. By now, they usually know to stay off of the counters and won’t rip around your house like a hurricane. They may enjoy just sitting by you. 

This often makes them better pets for children. You won’t have to worry about your children dropping or sitting on a small kitten. You also won’t have to worry as much about the claws coming out! They also need you. Most people walk right by the older cats when they go to shelters. However, they deserve a chance, just like everyone else! 


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