Why Dogs Are Better Than Babies!

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Whether you are newly married, or you have been for quite some time, you may be getting common questions about when you are planning on having children. However, you may not know how to answer these questions. You may have decided that you don’t want children, or you may still be unsure. 

There are many couples who decide that they don’t want to have children. They prefer their fur babies, over anything else. In fact, there are many reasons why dogs are better than babies and children. 

Here are some reasons why! 

Dogs are cheaper than children. This doesn’t mean that they are cheap. In fact, raising a puppy well is going to cost you some money. Purchasing a dog and providing good food and veterinary care is still cheaper than babies. The hospital stay alone could cost you more than you can imagine, let alone meals and eventually college.

You don’t have to go through pregnancy and labor to enjoy a dog. You aren’t going to be the one who has to give birth when you get a puppy. You don’t have to deal with morning sickness, labor, possible emergency C-sections, and then working hard to get your figure back.

Your dog will love you forever. Though your children are going to love you forever, there comes a point when they get embarrassed to be seen with you in public. They may not want you to hug and kiss them at the bus stop. They may not want you to come to school anymore. However, your dog will take any affection that he or she can get!

They also won’t hurt your feelings. Children, especially teenagers are quick to tell you how they really feel. They don’t hesitate to tell you that they hate you, just because you did something that they didn’t like (or wouldn’t let them do something).

In fact, dogs and puppies are generally happy. They just want love, attention, food, and a chance to play. Give them that, and your puppy will grow up to be a happy dog. You don’t have to deal with grumpy babies and toddlers who are overdue on a nap (or who might be crying for absolutely no reason at all)!

You will spend your life training a child and molding him or her into a good human being. A dog doesn’t take near as long to train. Potty training may only take a few weeks (and is usually done before they are five or six months old).

Many puppies learn to sit, stay, and lie down in a few weeks. Most people can say that their puppies are well-trained by the time that they are one year old (at the latest). You will be grooming your child for eighteen years (or even longer).

Puppies will eat whatever you want, without complaining. place in front of them. Getting babies to eat is a whole different ballgame. Eating isn’t always fun when you have babies and toddlers. In fact, you might have a picky eater that you spend years trying to get him or her to eat healthy. 

More people are puppy and dog people than baby people. Babies are not for everyone. In fact, your friends may get right on the floor to play with your new puppy, but be afraid to hold your new baby. 

Raising children can feel like a crushing responsibility. You may feel overwhelmed making sure that you are raising good people. You have to worry about the future of humanity, as well as worry about the world that your children will grow up in. You don’t have to worry about all of this when you have a dog. 

You don’t have to worry about what you say in front of your dogs. Children are very good at repeating what you say, so you have to be careful when you are talking (even if they aren’t around). 

Though it is kind of cute, you don’t want your children swearing around their friends. You also don’t want your children repeating something that you said about someone. They are very good at telling your secrets! Dogs don’t ever tell anyone anything!

Raising a child is a big responsibility, so you may want to get a puppy instead! You don’t have to get pregnant, go through labor, and then try to get your old body back when you get a puppy. It is also cheaper to buy a puppy and raise it than it is a child. 

Your puppy will also love you for the rest of your life. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing your dog out in public, or what your dog is going to say. He or she won’t repeat anything that you say. 

It is also less responsibility. Sometimes raising the next generation can feel overwhelming, especially when we don’t quite know the world that we are raising our children in. Our dogs will be just fine, no matter what happens. 


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