Book Review: There is NEVER a Bad Nicholas Sparks Book!

Shelley Wenger

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Though Nicholas Sparks is a favorite author of mine, I haven’t been buying his books like I used to. It is not because I don’t love them. It is more to the fact that there are so many good books for free on my Kindle that I rarely buy books anymore. However, I recently got a gift certificate and I splerged on a few books by my favorite authors, including Sparks. 

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks brings us to New York City where Maggie Dawes is a successful photographer with her own gallery. Though she has traveled the world, her illness has kept her close to home for quite a while. As she approaches her last Christmas, she bonds with her new assistant as he discovers the beauty of New York during the holiday season. 

During their nights together, she begins to tell him a story of her favorite Christmas, back in 1996. Though she wasn’t happy to be sent to live with her aunt in the remote village of Ocracoke, it turned out to be the best thing for her. 

There weren’t many teenagers on the island, so she really struggled, until she met Bryce Trickett. Bryce was everything she wasn’t. He was smart and had his whole life planned out, while she was pretty lost and struggling. What started out as tutoring turned into something better as he introduced her to photography. Then, they fell in love, but Maggie’s age and Bryce’s drive to succeed and go far kept them apart when Maggie had to return back home! 

If you love Nicholas Sparks (or you have never read anything of his), you really need to read The Wish. You won’t regret it! 


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