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Shelley Wenger

I am like many Americans who are completely curious about the Royal Family. I loved to see Queen Elizabeth doing what she was born to do! I was in love with Princess Diana, just like many others and was completely crushed when she passed away. I will never forget the images of William and Harry walking behind her coffin!

Then, I enjoyed watching them grow up. William, always serious, fell in love with Kate and started a family, though it seemed like they dated for years before that happened. Harry was more light-hearted and seemed like someone who just wanted to have some fun!

However, when you start his memoir, Spare, you will quickly learn that life wasn’t one big party like we imagined. He struggled all his life, and even more, once his mother passed. He struggled in school and outside of school. He was angry and upset. He was also lonely, and couldn’t wait to find the right person to stand by his side. However, that couldn’t come easy for him either. He tried a few times, but the Press always came between them.

So, he joined the Army, which didn’t help his emotions. He put others in danger when the Press told the whole world where he was stationed. So, he kept getting pulled out, so that others wouldn’t have to lose their lives because everyone was just out for the Spare. He came home with even more problems, including post-traumatic stress and panic attacks that left him crippled.

Then he met Meghan. Like many, I was thrilled to see that Harry had found someone that was ready to take on the Royal Family and the Press. However, the joy didn’t last long. The press was absolutely terrible to Meghan. They were always printing lies about her, and of course, they had to bring up racism and even the fact that she was divorced and an actress! The horror!

In his new memoir, written in his own words, we can finally see what was going on for Harry while he was growing up and what lead to the couple leaving the Royal Family. He was afraid of losing himself and his wife, similar to what happened with his mother.

I highly recommend Spare. Though there was a little too much mention of his parts, I really enjoyed learning more about Harry and what he went through. He really had a rough life, and I am glad that he is getting his chance to shine, even if that meant giving up everything that he has always lived for.


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