Four Things You Should Never Do on a Job Interview

Shelley Wenger
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Job interviews can be terribly nerve-racking. No matter how many you have done in your career, it doesn’t necessarily get easier. You may still be a bundle of nerves every time! 

That being said, there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to make your interview go as smoothly as possible. Here are some things that you should avoid doing. 

Showing up late. You should always show up early to a job interview, even if you end up waiting for a few minutes until the employer is ready to talk to you. You want to show them that you are going to show up to your shift on time (or early) instead of being late. You want them to see, right off the bat, that you are reliable and on time. 

Don’t appear disinterested. Though you may feel uncomfortable asking questions, the truth is that the employer may feel like you aren’t very interested in the company or the job if you don’t ask any. So, take a few minutes and come up with some questions that you may want to ask. Also, if something makes you think of a question during the interview, don’t hesitate to ask it!

The same can be said if you act like you are too good for the job. Many employers will not hire someone that comes off as arrogant and too good for the job. That being said, you have to talk yourself up in order to get the job, so this can be a hard thing to do.

Dress inappropriately. Many people struggle with what they should wear when they have an interview. You need to dress carefully no matter what type of job you are applying for. Your clothes need to fit you well, though they shouldn’t be too tight. Professional clothing is a must. You need to show potential employers that you would be able to meet clients wearing the appropriate clothing.

Make sure that you talk about yourself in a way that shows that you will be good for the company, instead of just listing off all of your accomplishments.

Though it can be stressful to go to a job interview, you need to be careful what you do. You should never show up late, seem disinterested, or even arrogant. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to talk about how you can help the company grow. Be ready to learn more about the company to ensure that it is a great fit for all of you! 


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