Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep?

Shelley Wenger

Not getting enough sleep is not good for you and your health.
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The truth is that millions of Americans wake up feeling tired and not ready to face the day. Many people don’t get enough sleep at night, which can be harmful for their health, both physically and mentally.

So, why aren’t Americans getting enough sleep?

Too busy. Too many people find themselves with an overwhelmingly busy schedule. Not only do they work full-time, but they are also expected to take care of their family and their home. What about having time for themselves and doing things that they love? Many people have to sacrifice some sleep in order to get everything done.

Children. Children are a big reason why people don’t get enough sleep. Many struggle to sleep during pregnancy, and then once the baby comes, they find themselves waking up multiple times a night to care for them. Some children take years before they sleep through the night. Once the children are older, you may still find yourself losing sleep worrying about them!

Too many electronic distractions. Unfortunately, electronics are a part of our lives. They can be great for many reasons, but they can be hard on our sleep schedule. After staring at the screen, it can be hard to shut your brain off and fall asleep.

What are some of the risks of not getting enough sleep?

Your immune system may not work as well as it should. Because of this, you are more likely to get sick. You may end up catching every little bug that goes around.

Sleep deprivation can affect your heart. There are plenty of studies that show that not getting enough sleep affects your blood pressure and your heart. You may be more likely to suffer from a stroke or heart attack.

It can also affect your coping mechanisms. You may not be able to deal with stress as well. When you don’t get enough sleep, your mood and outlook aren’t as good. A good night's sleep can really improve your mood.

You may be reckless, which could cause an accident. When you are tired, your body sometimes acts like it is on autopilot. You may end up tripping and falling over something that you didn’t see on the floor, though you could also be involved in a car accident because you were having trouble paying attention to the road.

Your work could also suffer. Your memory and concentration aren’t going to be at the top of your game, so you may struggle at work. You may rush through projects just to get through the day.

So, why is this a problem? The truth is that sleep isn’t just for you, it is for your body and your mind. Your body needs time to repair and take care of itself. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of life.

Which brings me to the last question, can you make up for lost sleep?

If you are struggling to get through the day, you may be wondering if you can make up your lost sleep. When thinking about this, you must consider a few points.

One good night’s sleep isn’t going to make up for all of the sleep that you have missed. It may take days (or even weeks) to help you catch up on your sleep. One weekend isn’t going to make a difference.

In fact, you may need to go to bed or sleep in later at least an hour or two every night, until your body recovers fully. It may take a few weeks of an extra hour of sleep every day in order to feel better.

So, what does this mean for you? If you wake up feeling exhausted, it is time to do something about it now. You don’t want to wait any longer, or it will get even worse! Maybe you can find a way to go to bed an hour earlier or sleep an hour later. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel.


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