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Marketing is very important when you own your own business. There are many books on the subject, so it is not one that I will focus on.

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The best type of advertising is word-of-mouth advertising. It is free and very powerful because people are more likely to hire someone that they trust. If they know that someone thinks highly of you and your services, they are much more likely to come to you over someone else.

To increase your word-of-mouth advertising, you should make it a priority to always do your very best work. Go above and beyond what is expected of you. Always do your best to get your projects done on time (or early if possible).

You can’t rely on word-of-mouth advertising, so, when you do start marketing and advertising your business, you should do it wisely. Don’t waste a lot of money on advertising right away. Start with all of the free (or cheap) avenues to grow your business.

Every business needs a website. It does not have to be full of bells and whistles, but it is there to tell your clients about your services and what you offer. Many people use their website for blogging or capturing an e-mail list.

Blogging is a good way to get clients. You can show your clients that you understand what they are going through and what they need. You can prove that you are an expert (or close to it) and that you can be trusted. Blogs are great because they will be around for years to come, unlike social media marketing.

E-mail lists are also very important. It does not take much time to send out emails to keep your customers up-to-date with your sales and specials. You can also let them know about things that are going on with your business. E-mails need to be informative, so people will read them regularly and think about you when they need a service that you offer.

Social media marketing is very popular with small businesses (and large ones too). It is free advertising, which is the best. Social media marketing allows you to reach millions of people from all over the world! You just need to make sure that what you are posting is relevant and informative to your customers.

Google places is a good place to advertise your business because it is free.

There are many places where you can cheaply print business cards and flyers. Be sure to pass out your business cards to anyone who might need your services someday. You can also place flyers around your town in local businesses, like banks, grocery stores, and much more!

It is also important to focus on networking when you are marketing your business. You can meet quite a few like-minded people while out networking, in person or online!


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