A Little Thing We Call Writer's Block

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There is a little thing that writers like to call writer’s block. It can be many things, including sitting in a chair staring at the computer with a blank screen. It can also be when you are having trouble figuring out what to write about.

So what can you do about writer’s block? Here are some suggestions that may be helpful, so you can get your blog written.

Walk away and do something else. There is no point just staring at your computer. If you have time, get up and do something else until your creative juices return. A walk, reading a book, or something else should take your mind off of writing.

You may get started on something else only to have a brilliant idea pop into your head, making you rush right back to your computer!

Read a blog from your competitor. Maybe you have something else to offer your readers. Do you have a different angle? That might help you get you thinking (and writing) a good post! Just be sure that your post is different, or they may think that you are copying them.

Do some research. If you have some time, you might want to search online for your topic. There might be something in the news that you want to write about. Maybe when you are searching, a suggestion may come up that strikes your interest.

If you really can’t think, write a list post. List posts are so popular. What could you write about that is quick and easy? What are the top ten characteristics you need to succeed in business? What are the top five sneakers for running?

Rewrite one of your old posts. You might find an older post that needs to be updated. Have you found any new information? Maybe you changed your mind? These could be really popular.

If you are really struggling with your blog, hire someone else to write it for you. You may be having writer’s block because you are not a writer. There are many freelance bloggers and virtual assistants who would love to write your blogs for you. Who knows? You might decide that you no longer want to write your blogs again, hiring someone instead.

Have some backup blogs. Many bloggers have a few extra blogs around in case they have writer’s block and are unable to write. However, you could also schedule them in advance and have your blogs written several weeks before you need them, just in case you are struggling with your writing.

Get rid of the deadlines. Though deadlines are a part of writing, it may help if you stop worrying about getting blogs written. While ideally, you want to write your blogs regularly, it is not the end of the world if you miss a blog here and there.

Remember your list. We made a list of potential topics. If you need something to write about, pull your list out and pick a topic that inspires you!

Writer’s block may be a pain, but can be overcome. You should always have some backup posts, just in case. Don’t forget about your list. It may become quite a lifesaver. If you are really having trouble writing, you may want to hire someone to write your blogs for you!


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