Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

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Many people struggle to fall asleep. They spend hours tossing and turning, worrying about things that they can’t control. They may lay awake all night, listening to the sounds of their home or outside. Some spend hours listening to their spouse’s snoring.

All of these things can keep a person up, but they don’t have to. There are ways to fall asleep quickly. Here are some tips to help.

Keep your room cool. The truth is that most people fall asleep faster in a cooler room. If you are too hot, you may toss and turn because you can’t get comfortable. For this reason, it is recommended that you set your thermostat between sixty and seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Get comfortable. It is important that you wear clothes that are comfortable (and keep you at the right temperature). If you are still wearing your jeans from the day, you are not going to be able to stretch out and relax as much as you would if you were in sweatpants.

Though you may be a little cold, you aren’t going to want to bundle up. Your body needs to stay cool to sleep so you need to dress appropriately.

You also need to find a good position for yourself. Though most people always thought that they should sleep on their back, it isn’t always the case. In fact, more people snore when they lay on their backs. Research has shown that most people sleep best on their side, though this is a very personal decision.

Stay on a schedule. Staying on a schedule can be one of the best ways to help you fall asleep quickly. Your body knows when it should be awake and when it should go to sleep. This makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up when you should.

When planning out your schedule, you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep. It is recommended that you get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.

Start finding a bedtime routine. Bedtime routines aren’t just important for children. They work for adults too. In fact, it is recommended that you give yourself at least a half an hour to wind down before you crawl into bed.

You can use this time to catch up on a television show, read a book, or even just sit and spend time with your family. This allows your mind to relax so you are ready to fall asleep as soon as you get into bed.

Skip the nap. Though you may really feel like you need a power nap, the truth is that naps can really affect your sleep at night.

In fact, in a study about college students, the ones who slept the worse at night took a nap during the day. These naps were often long and late in the evening, so they weren’t ready to fall asleep when they should have. That being said, there have been some studies that have shown that naps don’t affect some people.

Because of this, you are going to have to see if they do affect your sleep. You may want to start by eliminating naps in the late afternoon or early evening. If possible, you may want to stop napping altogether.

Keep a journal by your bed. If you are one of the many adults who can’t fall asleep because you have too much running through your head, you may want to put a journal by your bed. This allows you to write these thoughts down, so you can move on (and fall asleep). If you do wake up because you are worried about something, you can jot it down in your journal and go right back to sleep.

You may also want to write down your thoughts about the day. Positive thoughts can only encourage a good night’s rest. Though you may find it helpful to write about the stressful parts of your day. Getting everything out can often be quite freeing — so you will be ready to let it go and fall asleep.

Try to stay awake. There is nothing worse than laying awake and stressing about the fact that you can’t fall asleep. The anxiety that you are facing only makes it worse to shut your brain off and actually fall asleep.

For this reason, many people practice paradoxical intention, which is when you try to stay awake. Instead of focusing on sleep, you are going to focus on staying awake, which may just make you sleepier.

Research has shown that people who try to stay awake fall asleep faster than those who lay there are worrying about trying to fall asleep. If you are just laying there struggling to fall asleep, you might want to try to stay awake.

Look into a new mattress. If your mattress is older and showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to look into a new one. It is amazing how much better you can sleep if you have a good mattress.

And your bedding. The quality of your pillow is also important for a good night’s sleep. You need to be able to lay your head down in a position that is comfortable for your neck. If you are struggling to get comfortable, you may want to look into getting a better pillow.

Many people swear by weighted blankets. These are shown to reduce stress and improve your sleep. It wouldn’t hurt to try one if you are struggling to sleep every night.

If you are serious about falling asleep as quickly as possible, you have to set yourself up for it. You need to keep your room cooler so that you can get comfortable right away. You also want to wear comfortable clothes and find a good position. If you are tossing and turning because you are uncomfortable, you aren’t going to be able to fall asleep right away.


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