Some More Things Vet Techs (and Vets) Are Tired of Hearing

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The response from my articles, Things Vet Techs (And Vets) Are Tired of Hearing and all of the rest, have been overwhelming. The job is continuing to be overwhelming and the amount of things that clients complain about are becoming unbearable.

I just can't seem to stop writing about the things that clients need to know that drive us nuts. That being said, I think that this is going to be my last one. I may write some more in the future, but I am going to stop with this one at the moment.

So, here you go. Here are some more things that veterinary technicians (and veterinarians) are tired of hearing.

Vet medicine is so much more expensive than human medicine.

This is the most infuriating thing that I have ever heard. Most people have health insurance to help them pay for their medical bills. They even have a card to help them to make their medications more affordable.

Have you actually ever looked at your bill? The actual one, not the one that just says that you paid a co-pay in order to see your doctor. Most doctor's visits are over one hundred dollars. My husband stayed in the hospital for two days and it was over fifteen thousand dollars. It costs over ten thousand dollars to have a baby. Could you imagine what orthopedic surgery cost? Surely not the five or ten thousand that you will have to pay for your dog!

Can you trim his nails?

Though we are happy to do your pet's nails for you, the truth is that your dog isn't limping because his or her nails are too long. Your dog or cat can't breathe, yet you want us to stress him or her out more, just to do the nail trim.

Look at the whole situation before you ask us to trim your pet's nails. It might not be a good idea to do so. You just might have to wait until he or she is feeling better and then we would gladly do them.
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Make sure that you trim them as short as you possibly can.

I don't know about you, but unless your dog is fighting me, I am going to cut your dog's or cat's nails short. In fact, I might even make a few bleed trying to get them as short as possible. I don't need to be reminded that you want your money's worth out of it. I especially don't need to hear this when this hasn't been done in so long that your dog or cat can hardly walk around on them!

I don’t know what I feed my dog, but it has to be good because it is so expensive.

The truth is that we really do need to know what your dog is eating, down to the brand and the flavor. Organic, grain free, and expensive do not help us in the least. This is especially true if your dog or cat is having an allergic reaction to the food that he or she is eating. We need to know what is in the food that your dog is eating.

My dog (or cat) would never bite.

This is another one that really bothers me. These are the dogs and cats that would bite me first! The truth is that you really don't know how your dog or cat is going to react in every situation. Dogs and cats bite when they are scared or in pain. They just might get scared. You just have no way of knowing.

Why do I have to bring my dog in again? This is the same issue that he or she had two years ago! Can't you just refill the medicine?

Clients call all of the time, wanting medications for their pet. We really do understand. You are busy and we are busy. The truth is that we really do need to see your dog again.

It might not be the exact same issue that he or she had in the past. It may be a yeast infection, instead of a bacterial infection, which would require a different medication. If your dog or cats get urinary tract infections, there may be an underlying issue that we need to figure out.
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Clients can say some things that can really get under our skin. They complain about the cost all of the time. However, if you looked at your own bills, you would realize that it doesn't cost as much as your own medical bills!

Nail trims are something else all together. No matter why you come in, we understand that you want to get your dog or cat's nails done. It just might not be the wisest time!


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