Can You Really Move When You Have Children?

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Moving homes by itself can be a big, overwhelming feat. However, when you have children, it can be even harder. If they are older, they may be able to help, which can be quite a blessing. If they are younger, it may be a battle every day as you work on packing up your things.

That being said, it can be done. Here are some tips to move when you have children.

Tell your children as soon as you can. Your children are going to notice that things are going on, so it is important that you tell them right away. They may have a lot of questions, like where you are going, if they are going to have to switch schools, and much more. Answer them as honestly as possible. If you don’t have the answers, you can let them know that also!

Then, you need to give them time to process (which is why you need to tell them right away). Some children are going to be excited right away, while others are going to be upset and scared. You need to let them go through all of their emotions, before you help them realize why they should be excited about this new step. Are they going to have a bigger house or yard? Are they getting their own room? What will make the change better for them?

Start packing right away. You may even want to do this before you put your home on the market. There are plenty of things in your home that you don’t use regularly. These can be packed up and put away, so that they are ready to be moved when the time comes. You can start with holiday decorations, or even summer play items if you are moving in the winter. You may be able to pack up the kitchen supplies that you don’t normally use (like the bread maker and toaster). The more you do now, the less that you will have later.

You may even want to think about renting a storage unit for these items. If you are able to pack up a few months before you move, a storage unit may be a good place to store these items until you are able to move into your new home. This just allows you to take even more time to pack up and get ready to move.
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Get rid of things. When you are moving, and you have children, you are going to find plenty of items that you were holding onto. You may still have stuff from when your children were a baby. If you aren’t planning to expand your family, this is the perfect time to get rid of the crib, high chair, and other gadgets that you need when you have babies.

You are also going to be amazed at how many broken toys that you have littering your home. Throw away anything that doesn’t have any value, including any ripped books and broken crayons. Why would you want to move any of these items?

Come up with a moving plan. You are going to want to have a plan for the last week or two before the move. Decide what needs to be packed and when. You may even want to think about what can’t be packed, including what meals you are going to eat that week. This will really help you decide what can and can’t be packed until the last minute.

Give everyone a to-do list. Older children can be given a list of things that they need to do. Even young ones can find ways to help, even if it just includes putting their own toys into boxes. Older children may be able to help you pack up towels, blankets, and even dishes.

Utilize all of your kid-free time. When your children aren’t around, you can get a lot of things done quickly. For this reason, you need to utilize every minute that they are gone. This may include nap times and school time. Have a plan before the kids leave, so that you know exactly what to get done when you have time to yourself.

In fact, you may want to get some help. If you have family and friends who would be willing to help with your children for a few hours, you might want to jump on that opportunity. You will be amazed at how much you can get done if you just let someone spend some time with your children. Some people may want to spend time with your children, especially if you are going to moving a distance away.

Color-code your boxes. If you are serious about having a successful move, you need to color code and organize your boxes. You don’t want to just throw things into boxes. You are going to want to put all the dishes together. All of your bathroom items should go together. Each child should get their own boxes for their clothes and toys. This will help speed up the process of unpacking also!
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If you want to have a smooth move, even with children, you need to start right away. You also need to tell your children right away. They are going to need time to process before they are able to help you pack!

Then, start packing. You can easily pack items that you don’t use regularly, such as holiday decorations and items in your kitchen that you don’t use every day. You may even want to put them into a storage unit, so you don’t have to think about them while you are packing up the rest of the house.

Then, you need to stay organized while you are packing. Color code boxes and put similar things together, so you can easily unpack in your new home. You may be able to give your children some tasks to help, though you may find yourself rushing around when your children aren’t home. You may even want to get some help with your children to give you even more time to pack without any assistance!


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