Tips to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

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When you find the person that you are meant to be with, you want to give her everything, including the best engagement ring that you can afford. However, your budget may be slowing you down. You may not be able to afford the best ring, and that is alright. You just need to find ways to make the one that you can afford shine!

Here are some tips to help you make your engagement ring look bigger.

Look for Halo settings. Halo rings are rings that have one center stone, with smaller diamonds surrounding it. It will help to make a smaller diamond shine, without adding to the cost of the ring. This is a very popular ring, for many reasons.

Choose a good cut before color and clarity. Shopping for diamonds will teach you a lot. You have to learn about cuts, color, and clarity when it comes to diamonds. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a flawless diamond, look for one with a good cut. It will reflect more light and the diamond will simply sparkle on her hand!

Look at cluster rings. If you are worried about how much you can afford, you may want to look at rings that feature a cluster of tiny diamonds or other stones. From a distance, they will look like one stone.

Or the three-stone setting. The three-stone setting is popular for many reasons. It represents the past, present, and future. It also has smaller stones, which only make the center stone look even bigger.

Shaped stones are also popular. Though many people go with a round diamond, they are also the most expensive. You may want to look into other shapes, such as oval, pear, or marquise. These are cheaper while taking up more room on your fiance’s finger.

Though you may want the best for the woman that you love, your budget may not allow you to buy the best. However, there are many ways to make the diamond look bigger. You may want to look at different styles, such as Halo, cluster rings, or even the three-stone setting. You may also want to look into a different shape, such as pear or oval. These can really look flashy on someone’s hand!

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