Tips to Encourage Your Cat To Drink More Water

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The simple truth is that most cats don’t drink as much water as they should. And, as they age and find themselves with some illness, they may need to take in even more water!

Many owners don’t ever see their cat drinking. In fact, when they do, there may already be a problem. Your cat may be drinking excessively and needs to see a veterinarian.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your cat is drinking enough water. Here are some ways that you can encourage your cat to drink even more water.

Change their water every day. Cats are more likely to drink water that is clean, so it is important that you change it every day, even if it looks like it hasn’t been touched.

Have multiple bowls throughout the house. The more opportunities that your cat has to drink, the more likely he or she will. So, find places throughout your home where you can place a few water bowls. That way, no matter where your cat is, fresh water is easily accessible.

If your cat isn’t drinking out of his or her current water bowl, you may want to try others. Many cats are finicky when it comes to their food and water bowls. You may have to try a few types before you find the one that he or she will use regularly.

In fact, you may want to try a water fountain. Cats love drinking out of the sink and other places where water runs. For this reason, water fountains are often used to encourage them to drink more. Running water can bring cats to the fountain, and then once they are there, they are likely to drink.

Another good way to make sure that your cat is drinking enough is by switching to canned food. The truth is that most cats don’t need to eat dry food at all. A canned diet is, not only good for weight control, but it also helps them stay hydrated.

Even better, you may be able to add additional water to your cat’s food. Some owners wet down the dry food in order to help hydrate their cats. If your cat only eats wet food, you can still add some water to it, as a way to increase your cat’s fluid intake.

You could also give them juice from tuna or canned chicken to increase the amount of fluids that they drink. Tuna and canned chicken have plenty of water in the can, which can be helpful for those who aren’t drinking enough water every day.
Shelley Wenger at Canva

Unfortunately, most cats don’t drink enough water in a day. In fact, most pet parents that come into the veterinary clinic don’t see their cat drinking at all! For this reason, you need to do everything that you can to ensure that your cat is taking in enough water every day.

You can do this by refreshing their water every day. Cats are more likely to drink fresh water than water that has been sitting out for a few days! You should also have it easily accessible by placing multiple bowls throughout the house. A fountain may encourage your cat to drink!

If that isn’t working, you may want to switch to canned food instead of dry. You can also add water to both forms of food to help your cat get enough fluids every day.

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