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Getting a puppy can be an exciting time for most people. They can’t wait to add a fur ball to their life. They think of all of the fun and love that a new puppy can bring into their lives.

That being said, it can also be stressful. Puppies can’t be left alone because they can get into such trouble in a short period of time. They need to learn what they can and can’t do. Potty training can be quite overwhelming, for everyone involved (including the puppy).

Struggling with your puppy? Here are some tips to help you raise a good dog.

When you first get your puppy, you don’t want to overwhelm him or her. Give your new puppy time to get used to you and your family, as well as his or her new home. Though socializing is important, you don’t need to have everyone come over and visit right away. You also don’t want to take him or her to the dog park or pet stores, until he or she is fully protected with vaccines. Then, do it slowly.

If your pet looks overwhelmed or uncomfortable, it is time to go back home. Don’t push, or you may not be happy with your puppy’s behavior. He or she may become anxious in new situations and may lash out when feeling this way.

It helps to get into a routine. You should put your puppy to bed at the same time every day, as well as get him or her up at a regular time. If you feed your puppy at the same time every day, he or she will end up going to the bathroom at regular intervals, which will help greatly when it comes to potty training.

With potty training, you need to listen to your puppy. You may want to keep your puppy on a short leash so that you can watch him or her closely. This will also keep him or her from sneaking off to go to the bathroom in the house.

It also helps to take your pet to the same spot outside, so that he or she knows that is where it is safe to go to the bathroom. If you take him or her out and nothing happens, put your puppy in the crate and try again in a few minutes.

You need to get your puppy used to going to the veterinarian. Puppies who go to the vets regularly aren’t scared of them. It may even help to take them a few times when they don’t have an appointment, in order to get them used to walking in the building and meeting the staff and other animals. If they learn early that the vet can be a good place to get treats, they will be less likely to get scared as they age.
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Make sure that you get him or her used to being handled. Sometimes, the vet isn’t the problem. It may be the restraint or your puppy may not like his or her feet touched. You should touch their feet regularly, along with their ears, and all over their body so that you will be able to do this easily when they get older.

When you are playing with your new puppy, you need to really think about what you are teaching him or her. It might be cute when your five-pound puppy jumps up at you, but once he or she is full-sized, you may get hurt by this action.

The same goes with play biting. You don’t want to teach your puppy that it is ok for him or her to bite you. You could seriously get injured when he or she is one hundred pounds!
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Getting a puppy can really change your home, though once you get him or her settled into a routine, you will just be able to enjoy your new bundle of joy. This is also the time to socialize your puppy. Make sure that going to the vet is a good thing, even if you just take your new puppy to hang out and visit the vet. You also want to get him or her used to being handled, including his or her ears and feet.

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