Four Ways To Adjust to Change Better

Shelley Wenger
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Adjustments are hard, no matter what changes. You may move to a new home, start school, or try to adjust as you start a business from your home. Then, when it seems like things are becoming more normal, you may have some more changes going your way!

Change is a part of life, so it is important for you to learn to adjust well and quickly. Here are some tips to help!

Learn about what to expect. The unknown is scarier than anything else, so learn all you can about the changes coming up. This will help you be more prepared when it happens.

If you are getting married or having a baby, read some books on the subject. Maybe you can talk to some of your friends who have recently gone through this change. If you are starting school, talk to some of the freshmen so that you know what to expect. If you want to start a business, take the time to learn everything that you can before you get started!

Take care of yourself. Often, when change happens, people stop taking care of themselves. They don’t eat healthy foods or take time to exercise. However, these are really important things needed to keep yourself healthy so that you can go through the change (and come out on the other side).

So, make sure that you are taking your sleep seriously. You should try to get as much sleep as you can in order to function properly, while you are adjusting to all of the changes in your life. Continue to eat properly and exercise whenever you are able.

Take time to relax. Even though things are changing rapidly, it does not mean that you have to ignore yourself. If you just focus on school or your new business, you might become overwhelmed and burnt out.

So, take a bubble bath to relax. Read or watch a funny movie. Go out with your friends, or spend an evening with your family. You need to take time to forget about all the changes going on around you and just have some fun. Your mind and body need this time to recharge so that they can get back to it when the time comes. You will be ready to get back to work when you need to!

Talk about it. Many people bottle their feelings up, but it can be very freeing to actually talk to someone about what you are feeling. It often helps when you get it off of your chest.

So, find someone that you can talk to. If you are starting a business, find a mentor to help you through this change. If you are starting school, talk to your guidance counselor (or another student who may be going through the same thing). Getting married? You may want to talk to a marriage counselor so that you know that you are completely ready for what is to come!
Photo byShelley Wenger at Canva

No one likes change. However, if you give yourself plenty of time, you will get through it. You may even find that your life is even better with everything that has happened.

That being said, you need to learn to adjust and get through the changes, so that you can enjoy life! Before you get started, you may want to take time to learn as much as you can about what is going to happen. However, you can’t forget about yourself. You need to take time to have fun and relax, or you will burn yourself out! Make sure that you are eating, exercising, and getting enough sleep. It may also help to talk it out!

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