Tips to keep your AC Running Smoothly

Shelley Wenger
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Though you may think that all you have to do is buy an air conditioning unit, the truth is that you have to perform maintenance. This will help it last as long as possible while performing as it should.

So, how can you keep your AC unit running as smoothly as possible? Here are some tips to help.

Keep your air conditioner clean. As dirt accumulates in your unit, it will have to work harder as it tries to cool your home. This will make your energy bill go up. You may also notice that the air quality in your home isn’t as good because it is going to push dirty air out!

When you buy your unit, make sure that you read the instructions and follow their recommendations when it comes to cleaning and changing the filters. You should also have a professional come to clean your outside unit.

Look for bent fins. Bent fins can really affect how your unit works, so it is important that you check your condenser regularly. If you notice that you have bent fins, you should buy a fin comb to fix it.

Hire a professional and stick to a maintenance schedule. Though you may want to do most things yourself, you should have a professional for most maintenance work. They will be able to look for any leaks, check belts, make sure that there is enough refrigerant, and much more. They will be able to oil the motor and fix any possible problems.
Photo Courtesy of Canva

The best thing that you can do for your air conditioning unit is to keep it clean. Changing the filters will keep it running as efficiently as possible. You also need to have a professional come out and do routine maintenance to make sure that it will continue to work for many years!

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