Tips to Help you Beat the summer heat in Pennsylvania

Shelley Wenger
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No matter how much you love summer, the truth is that the heat can be brutal, especially in Pennsylvania. It is easy to overheat, especially for those who are working outside and those who do not have air conditioning. The humidity can be overwhelming. However, there are ways to beat the heat naturally.

Here are some tips to help.

Plan out your day. It is best to do your outside chores when it is cooler. This includes getting up early or working outside later in the evening. You should avoid mowing your lawn when the sun is the hottest!

Drink plenty of water. You also need to stay hydrated to stay cool. Make sure that you drink plenty of water, no matter what you are doing. If you go somewhere, you need to take water along, so your body doesn’t dehydrate while you are sweating.

If you struggle to drink water, you may want to add fresh fruit to your water. Fresh fruit will add some flavor to your water. You may also want to try mint to make your water more appealing.

Dress for the weather. Light colors and breathable fabrics will help to keep you cooler. Dark shirts will keep the heat, making you even hotter!

Relax and enjoy the summer. Even if you don’t enjoy relaxing, the truth is that you shouldn’t overdo it when it is too hot. You should use the time when the sun is the hottest and relax. Watch a movie or take a nap. Don’t overexert yourself!
Photo Courtesy of Canva

The best way to stay cool is by planning out your day. Get your outside stuff done before it gets too hot (or wait until it cools off a little in the evening). Use the hottest part of the day to relax and let your body get the rest it deserves. You also need to make sure that you stay hydrated. It makes all the difference!

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