I buy foodstuff and beverages at Big John's PFI but not all the time.

A lady who sells at Pike Market saw me heading back from Big John’s PFI store last Saturday with my sister. She was surprised I haven't been coming to Pike Market, especially her shop. She asked if she offended me or I just don't need her goods anymore. "It's none of that", I said.

I don't buy goods from certain sellers because they have been familiar; I buy from whoever has what I need at the moment.

The last two times I was at her shop, I wanted some beverages and they were unavailable and I discovered that Big John PFI offers these beverages every week, they are closer than Pike and it's easier to shop there than the whole Pike Marketplace.

So, I started buying the beverages there but it never stops me from going to Pike market, I buy from stores that offer good products, services, deals, and discounts. Next week, I may visit the lady's store.

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