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There's no doubt Transylvania is a very popular location, hence in this article, I am going to tell you about the exciting journey I had in this amazing region of the country.

Let me tell you right from the start that Transylvania is one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far in this entire world. So beautiful and yet I believe I have explored only a tiny piece of it.

Can't wait to take a whole month off work to explore it all and so should you!

We spent about 5 days in this dreamlike oasis, but I felt like I wouldn't leave that place behind ever again.

Our itinerary was kind of dynamic as we only knew we booked some tiny houses for 2 days. For the rest of our trip, we have planned across the way.

1. Cluj Central Apartments

Cluj ApartmentsSheislittlewonderer

We live in Bucharest and the way to Cluj is about 6h distance. Being stuck in traffic so many times which increased the time to even 9h was a bitter pill to swallow.

For the first night, we booked a wonderful, woody, and super cozy apartment in the center of the city.

I love this pattern with old wood, bricks, and charming paintings. It brings such a pleasant feeling into my soul. Besides that, it's a pet-friendly apartment which is a huge advantage.


As I know, they have many other rooms like this in Cluj, but with a slightly different story.

Honestly, we wanted to book them again, but you need to do it in advance for at least 1 day, so we needed to find another alternative.

Note: This room costs about 45$/night.

2. Toulouse Restaurant in Cluj


We woke up the next day and packed our things out of the cute apartment and headed for breakfast in the city.

Found this cute restaurant right into the Old Town and enjoyed a delicious meal and coffee.

Afterward, we needed to go for some groceries shopping, and then headed for Tiny Transylvania for about 20min.

Note: This breakfast cost us about 30$.

3. Tiny Transylvania

Everybody should experience the tiny lifestyle at least once.


This is the main reason we've found ourselves on the Cluj's roads again: Tiny Transylvania, a wonderful location nestled outside the city;

What a spontaneous escape and that was the perfect time to reconnect with nature and discover unforgettable views!

Their tiny houses are located in Făget Forest, also called the green lung of the city.


We spent our best time here: drinking some good wine in the late evening in front of the fire, watching the sunset, cooking in the tiny cute kitchen, reading and listening to some folk indie music.


What a wonderful atmosphere!

You could also try some rides with their e-Bikes through Făget Forest. They tested many hiking and mountain biking (MTB) trails:

MTB Trail - Peana Peak;

MTB Trail - Micești;

The Mysteries of the Forest Hike;


Făget is a protected natural area of national interest, which includes oak and beech trees. The protected area amounts to up to 10 ha and preserves important fauna and flora species.

Note: The cost for booking their house starts with 69.9$/night, but they also provide some great price packages.

In conclusion, Tiny Transylvania, hang on! We're coming back soon!

4. Transilvania International Film Festival

Coming to Cluj in summer or even in the autumn time it's the best possible time, as you could attend so many festivals like TIFF, or some EC-Garden, Electric Castle or Untold, etc.

We were lucky enough to try the TIFF experience which started right from the day we arrived in Cluj.

Note: This was totally worth trying! The price for the tickets is less than 4$.


Find EC-Garden up on Cetățuie, another spectacular spot where you could watch the entire city from. This festival is open from Tuesday to Sunday (12:00 - 23:00).

5. Coffee and Ice cream


It's not a surprise if I tell you I am a coffee lover. I made a whole article with just... coffee!

Try this Che Guevara coffee shop not so far from Toulouse Restaurant and this delicious ice cream from Moritz Eis. You'll love them!


Hope my article will inspire you to book your next vacation in Cluj.

I assure you I've only presented 5% out of Transylvania, but that's ok. I'll let you guys explore it by yourself.

You'll definitely love it!

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