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It's been a while since I've posted my last journey, hence I am coming with an incredible adventure I had over the winter holidays of 2021.

It's a magical place and I am sure you'll love it.
Lapland - Reindeer tourSheislittlewonderer

It's the second time I and my husband decided to visit Finland... to be more precise, Lapland.

Why? Because I had such a wonderful feeling being there and it was one of the most marvelous experiences of my life.

And I assure you, you'll want to be back every winter.

I know, I know... Christmas is all about family, love, and being all together, and I sincerely agree with it... but why don't you guys book a cottage somewhere in Rovaniemi or Saariselka and enjoy the feeling of being Santa's neighbor?
Santa Claus VillageSheislittlewonderer

I was seriously baffled after hearing so many rumors like "Oh! But it's too expensive!", "No way! This is for rich people only".

And it's not! You have such vast and cheap options out there... if you're not looking for luxury traveling and want to book an ice hotel room for the entire vacation, of course!

Don't worry! I got a solution for you too. I'll give you some more details within the next paragraphs.

Let me give you a quick overview of what we've done to save some serious money in Lapland.

1. The key is to plan this trip for several months.

2. Booked our flight tickets to Helsinki in advance for at least 4 months.

3. Catch the train/plane right from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

Note: This way you'll save more than 1000eur. Eitherway you'll pay enormously on the direct flight to Rovaniemi.

4. Book a cottage with a kitchen. I wholeheartedly recommend Saarituvat Cottages.
Saarituvat Cottages - RovaniemiSheislittlewonderer

Keep in mind this resort is quite far from the city center, hence you'll have to travel by taxi or rent a car. You'll be amazed by the traditional, lighted, and colorful houses, frozen trees, and - if you're lucky enough - by the unmistakable green light all over the sky.

Also, in Lapland, during wintertime, you'll enjoy the shortest days: 3-5 hours of daylight.

5. Shop your groceries from an S Market or K Market and prepare your food at your cottage.

6. For a memorable experience with a cozy bed under the mighty aurora, I found the most luxurious and economically advantageous igloo in Lapland: Aurora Queen Resort. I fell in love with this resort and it's a must-book while being in Saariselka.
Aurora Queen Resort - SaariselkaSheislittlewonderer

7. Book mixed tours in advance within 2-3 months. If you think you'll have a great price for the husky and reindeer experience right from the agency with just one day before, you're wrong.

You'll probably find the last few available slots and the most expensive ones. The best advice I could give you is to book them in advance with a few months and avoid individual tours. Therefore, book a package with reindeer, husky, and snowmobile all together. Booking individual tours would empty your pockets.
Reindeer TourSheislittlewonderer

8. Choose to travel by bus and avoid a taxi. During wintertime, booking a taxi or renting a car is very expensive (the prices for taxis start with at least 7eur).

These are my few pieces of advice for you to have an incredible holiday with less money. Of course, there are many other cheaper or more expensive options, depending on your preferences.

Keep an eye on my next article because I am going to share with you some more details about Lapland and the things you should try.

With all this being said, I wish you happy holidays and see you soon with a new epic journey.


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