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Today's article is all about hair care routine and my favourite products I use for a healthy and smooth texture.
Hair Care RoutineSheislittlewonderer

I know it's difficult sometimes to keep a smooth and fresh look like you've just left the beauty salon, and it's even harder for people just as lazy as me.

Not to mention the blonde color which makes my hair look terrible if not taking proper steps to fade the frizz away.

However, it's important to keep in mind that this is all about taking care of your own body which will boost that confidence you need by looking like a diva on the streets while everyone's turning their heads over to admire you.

Ain't this a real and powerful motivation? Well, for me it is!

I won't lie to you, so I'm saying that there are days I care nothing about but to get my hair into a ponytail, get a hat over it and go for what needs to be done.

There are days I am willing to spend hours in front of the mirror and take care of my skin and hair and feeling great about that.

This is normal and I embrace that exactly as it is, so should you.

With all these being said, let me go into some details about the tools and products I use to improve my hair health and which make it look way better:

1. Olaplex No.3

This is my favorite product which does work heavenly with my hair. This offers the needed smoothing, rebuilding and strengthening results and I absolutely adore it.

I am pretty sure you already know about this golden secret, but I still want to showcasing my top products I am currently using and I highly recommend.

I apply it with about 30 mins before shower on my dry hair, or I even let it overnight. The next day I have the best results.

2. Ducray Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

I use this shampoo as I have psoriasis located on my scalp. Sad, but true.

Note: If you want me to discuss in detail about the products I use to keep psoriasis under control, leave a comment down below.

Happily, this shampoo helps me a lot with his gentle and very effective formula.

This works best with my problem and it also cleanses the hair very well, therefore I can target two birds with one stone.

Eliminates loose dandruff and soothes the scalp. Clinical study carried out on 42 subjects who used the product 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

Note: This should work on dermatita as well, or on any other dermatological problem you might have.

3. Babyliss Paris

Here's the trick!
Babyliss ParisSheislittlewonderer

If I was speaking about the Olaplex No.3 and its brilliant results, let me introduce this golden tool: Babyliss Paris Volumizer Hot Air Brush.

This is the next super important trick which makes your hair look so smooth, curvy, glossy with a lot of volume. It's not mandatory to buy exactly the same brush as me because you could find a huge variety on the market;

You could use a plain hair dryer together with a round brush, but what's most important here is to have the correct tools attached to it.

For example, if you want a smooth straight hair, you must have the Hair Dryer Nozzle on it.

This way you will blow your hair into the growing way of the hair while rotating with a brush.

The result relies on achieving the perfect blow dry safe in the knowledge that it is helping to keep your hair clean and pure.

It helps to reduce impact for your hair, not to mess it up, leaving it beautifully radiant, sleek and shiny.
Before and After Babyliss ParisSheislittlewonderer

4. Olaplex No.6

This is the final hair care step: I apply this Olaplex leave-in reparative styling creme bond smoother smoother after I dry my hair.

It helps in reducing frizz, it mosturizes and also makes it look way more radiant.
Olaplex No.6Sheislittlewonderer

5. Moroccanoil Mending Infusion

Sometimes I alternate between Olaplex No.6 and Moroccanoil Mending Infusion as they both work so well with my hair.

This is also a leave-in product which has an easy repairing formula and helps in sealing split ends. With so many vitamins and proteins, this lotion also helps in mosturizing and strenghtening the hair.

It also leaves a sleek and shiny texture into it and I love that!
MorrocanOil HairSheislittlewonderer

These are my favourite hair care products and I hope this article will help you too.

Leave into the comments what do you use for healthier hair. I would love to read about other great formulas. Meanwhile, you could have a look on My holy grail skin care products!

Thanks for reading this article and see you in the next one. Huuugs!

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