Where to stay in Cappadocia

Yes, you heard me well: I found not only the most magical land in the world, but its amazing hosted services I have ever met so far!


I did tell you a lot about this spectacular Cappadocia and our unique and not-to-forget experience we had in my previous articles, but I could merely scratch the surface of the impressive services we have met out there. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to talk a little more about the hotel we have chosen during our stay in that fairyland.

We have stayed 8 nights at this hotel, as we wouldn't have wanted to leave anymore: Sultan Cave Suites was the first hotel which impressed me not only from the pictures, but in real life. It is exactly what you'd dream about, or even more!

Why have We chosen this one? Well, because it has e v e r y t h i n g!

Starting with the cave and modern architecture to the cozy bedrooms, speechless views, cool staff, swimming pool, restaurants with delicious food and snacks, spectacular terrace where you could admire the balloons in the morning... aaaand, you guessed: this jacuzzi! I will discuss these aspects later on in this article.

You could choose from a variety of rooms for any budget and preference, from the most expensive and impressive one to some standard ones: Sultan Suite to Junior Suites and Family, Suites are just a few examples and I promise you, each of the mentioned apartment has a unique and touching pattern which will make your vacation way more special.

Every room has such bathrooms with modern tubs and ottoman atmosphere where you could relax and enjoy a glass of wine. You could actually feel you're back in 1400 when sultans used to get cleaned up by servants with the sponge caring about nothing, but what's for dinner.

Trust me, if you want to visit Cappadocia, this hotel it's a must-to-stay!

Here's the list of services which convinced me to book this hotel:


This was the first aspect which made me do some further research about this resort. My first impression has instantly grown into numerous thoughts regarding the unique content I could create on that terrace with balloons and chimneys in the background.

Besides that, that rooftop restaurant was a perfect fit for that terrace as you could lay on the terrace with a cup of coffee or a glass of their traditional wine.

Dreaming with eyes large opened, but knowing for sure this will be on our top list with places to stay on this vacation.

I knew there were lots of terraces out there, but let me go further with the reasons which made up choose Sultan Suites.

  • Jacuzzi

The force of this hotel stands not only in that terrace with a view, but in such spots which could help you relax whilst you could create content with breathtaking elements, read some books or even work. So, let's get inside!

The magic rely not only on this jacuzzi, but on the entire bathroom. And as a bonus, you could enjoy a glass of wine within a large tub whilst admiring the incredible view ahead. YES, YOU COULD SEE THE BALLOONS RIGHT FROM HERE. This is crazy, right?

Note: Not all the rooms has this bathroom with jacuzzi, except the Sultan Suite!

Every inch of this hotel has been made with great taste so you could notice this aspect right from its gates all the way to the last corner of your booked room.


  • Garden and Swimming Pool

Another exciting aspect of Sultan Cave Suites is that it's a huge resort, just like a maze with so many paths you'd believe you'll get forever lost. Being such a big hotel, you could experience almost everything that's necessary within a vacation. In this scenario, the pool and the garden were some of them.

I admit at first sight I was a little scared as it has so many stairs, corners, rooms and routes, but, actually, this was just like a game and I could only rejoice of it!

The pool was hidden somewhere in this maze, but we could easily find it as all paths are connected and you could always find the main spot in just a few minutes. Therefore, we could enjoy the sun, water and that marvelous view.


  • Variety of suites and rooms

Not a surprise if I am saying Sultan Cave Suites was one of the best hotels I have visited so far, with so many options so you could choose whatever suits and feels right for you. This could make a great addition to your holiday.

It has a variety of rooms of which I have already mentioned you above. We chose only three from so many: Junior Suite, King Suite and Sultan Suite, but the last one impressed us the most!


Besides these suites, you could opt for their cozy rooms:

  • Restaurant with a view

Seten Anatolian restaurant was another important aspect which you have to consider as it has a great mix of culinary treats and visual delights.

This restaurant has recently become one of the top restaurants in the area that offer such beautiful settings indoors as well as in the open-air arched courtyard.

The name “Seten” comes from the Turkish name for the ancient round stone mill used to process grains, hence they have an original cave room (Wine Cave Cellar) used for centuries to press grapes into wine.

They continue to use this traditional method to make homemade wine. This wine becomes a must-to-try thing in Cappadocia!

Their menu offers delicious local appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts from across Cappadocia. Daily, the local women of Goreme prepare special items such as Yaprak Sarma (stuffed grape leaves), Çiçek dolması (stuffed pumpkin blossoms), flatbread, soups, baked okra – all in the restaurant courtyard over an open fire, tandir (tandoori) or on traditional low wooden tables.

They also offer traditional grilled items each evening.


  • Transfer & Taxi

There are two airports in Cappadocia; Kayseri Airport (ASR) which takes about 1 hour and Nevsehir Airport (NAV) about 40 minutes from Sultan Cave Suites. Good news is they have airport transfers for both airports and for all incoming and outgoing domestic flights.

Note: their airport transfer service is not available for flights earlier than 07:00AM and no later than 23:00pm. For those flights, you could take a private transfer.

Public Shuttle Service for Kayseri Airport (10 Euro per person) There is also a Public Shuttle Bus service between Kayseri airport and Sultan Cave The rate of the public shuttle is 10 Euro per person for all the domestic flights. This shuttle will drive you and many other guests between the airports and the hotels in Cappadocia. Some of these hotels will be in different towns and the drive can take up to two hours.

  • Turkish bath and massage

Yes! I have told you they offer you everything you'll need on your vacation. The various turkish massages and the traditional peeling and scrub are incredible and they are available for the hotel guest only. This bath is one of the only cave Turkish Baths in the world and is located in Kelebek Special Cave Hotel, which is their sister hotel and next door to Sultan Cave Suites.

That's impressive!

There are so many other services I could talk about for days, but for sure you're on the way to book a room right now. Check out their site and have a look on the offerings! You deserve a break!

Hope you enjoyed this and see you in the next one!

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