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Just went through some recent memories when I decided to talk about one of the best experience we had this summer in Cappadocia.

We could all agree we need a break right now, right? I was home after the most special two weeks of my life in Santorini, our wedding to be precise.

I was over the moon because we managed to fulfill our biggest dream, taking in consideration the craziness of 2020.But... what now? I wanted our honeymoon to be more special than that, but what country could we choose? I heard from my husband that Turkey is the country without any restrictions.

A bell has instanlty lighten up above my head and I instantly knew what our next destination will be!I admit I was not too confident when I first saw on the Internet the popular captures taken in Goreme.

I did believe It was pure Photoshop because all looked so dreamy and perfect!

But, everything has turned out into an astonishing reality when we have arrived!

With all these being said, let's share with you some main reasons which will definitely convince you to take in consideration Cappadocia for your next vacation!

Safety concerns

Turkey was the country with less restricions than any other country as we were able to travel at the end of this summer, whilst all countries were locked or were imposing stricted restrictions of quaratine for Romania citizens.

Please, be aware that these laws may be changed day by day, so keep an eye open on the latest turkish gouvernamental decisions.

1. Unique captures

If you are looking for an incredible and unique location, Cappadocia should definitely be on the top of the list. You will get the chance to leave everybody with mouth open with such views!

The air balloons on the sky, the Red Valley at Sunset and cool safari wranglers are just few of the creative ways you will get beyond compare shots. You could start right from the plane!

Could not skip the always present rugs with their specific and colorful patterns you can take such eyes catching captures with:

2. Incredible experiences

Cappadocia has a bunch of things you must try before you leave the region:

  • Air balloon tour at Sunrise
It was exactly what I have seen in the picture!

Cappadocia is best known for these hot air balloon tours, hence this should be the first thought on your mind when it comes to this destination.

Pricecfor riding a balloon ranges between (€125 – €220) per person, but this may variate for extra services.

This depends of the duration of the flight (1 - 3 hours), the moment of the day (usually they suggest this flight at the Sunrise), the season or the weather.

So if you are not a lazy person this fits you best because you should be awake at 5AM to get ready.

No worries, if you are scared by the heights or not ready to pay this amount of money, you could choose to see them right from your hotel and you will be satisfied enough because the view is astonishing.

  • Admire balloons from your hotel

If you decide not to try the air balloon tour, you could see them right from your window or your hotel popular terrace.

Note that the balloons tour may be postponed if the weather does not comply to the standards, that's why we were "lucky" to see them twice in 8 days only.

  • Safari tour

You could choose from a bunch of options you can find at so many agencies in town. We have booked a wrangler for 36euro/person and the next day we were finding ourselves on a two hours journey along Goreme until the Sunset.
won't be allowed to drive the wrangler, but their guides. However, you'll enjoy more!

  • Sunset included in Safari tour in Red Valley

The best is yet to come because this is the moment you will pick a spot up to the mighty Red Valley watching the Sun burning into the sky as it set, watching the night growing steadily and more secretive above the mighty Cappadocia.

At the end we had a glass of champagne with the entire team and headed for the hotel.Great experience!

3. Chemneys aestethics and history
You are probably asking what these huge rocks are, right?

Well, these are called “fairy chimneys”, a result of a geologic process that began long time ago. The volcanic eruptions rained ash across the country and this ash hardened into tuff, a porous rock, which was covered by a layer of basalt.

Erosion started giving way to pillars that stand as tall as 130 feet and the harder basalt erodes more slowly, forming a protective, mushroom-shaped cap over each one.

So, just like that, a fairy chimney is born.

Also, during the Roman period, persecuted Christians have noticed the tuff could easly be escavated and built houses and churches into these chimneys. Nice, right?

4. Cave hotels

And this is not all!Most of the citizens of this area kept the cave pattern of chimneys, hence most of the hotels are literally built in caves.

You could feel the unique and real antic experiences in these caves like nowhere!We have booked 8 days at Sultan Cave Suits and it was the best decision e v e r.

With a huge jacuzzi right in the middle of our majestic bathroom we could spend our whole life in that sweet surrender!

You could also admire the ballons right from the tub, with a glass of wine or some delicious snacks. What a dream!

5. Complementary coffee and delicious food

Not to mention the smell of delicious fresh food at every corner of the city.

This has me drooling instantly just at the thought of that Otoman coffee with some Kaimac dessert next to it. Yummy!Oh! Oh! And their ubiquitous unmatched ICE CREAM!

And it's all so affordable you would not believe!Also, a cool fact about Turkish citizens is that they offer you coffee and tea complimentary at most of the pubs (we’ve tried - can't guaranty that for everyone, as this is my own experice).

We actually found this out as we were always ordering these and never found them on the check bill! Pretty nice, huh?

6. Kind people

The one but not the last thing I want to mention is their kindess! God, they were so nice and kind to us, paying attention to any needs and details. I am truly delighted by their dilligence.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure you pick the right time to visit Cappadocia when it's not too crowded. With all this craziness of 2020, Cappadocia is worth to visit anytime, but usually the right times are Spring and Autumn.

Don't skip the opportunity to book a cave hotel.

Try the Safari tour for unique experience with Sunset included.Be careful when exchanging the money. You should avoid scammers along the streets and go for authorised agencies in town.

Hope you enjoyed this article and see you in the next ones!

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