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These days I had a burning desire for a long and peaceful holiday, far away from this buzzing city, somewhere with palms everywhere you'd watch, with soft sand and a ubiquitous burning sun above the crystal-clear water.

I so wanted to feel the warm breeze on my tanned skin, that I spent my day focusing on this topic. I found - paradoxically - out this pandemic situation has been developing what I call "the travelers pandemic". So many travelers and so many destinations that prove this virus has not quieted our wander spirit but raised it to its highest level.

We started to value this Earth like never before and this is the best thing out of these messy times.

It's so nice to let little things impress you, things you'd ignore before.

It's so awesome to realize how lucky we are to get the chance to see all the places and lands we're living on.

It's incredible to perceive the Planet at its real worth we, not so long time ago, used to forget.

I am eager to share with you the most visited destinations I found when I've decided to book one too.

1. Zanzibar

You guessed it!

Zanzibar is still one of the most frequently chosen locations within the traveler's world in 2020-2021 as it has the gates open within these crazy times.


Tanzania has removed mandatory 14-day quarantine requirements for visitors on arrival and the proof for a negative PCR test which is not mandatory. The only check for travelers is the temperature screening.

If you show COVID-19 symptoms on arrival, you'll be taking a Covid test followed by 14-day self-isolation.

Being officially part of the East African Country, it has so many incredible views which would be impossible not to be delighted of: clear and sparkling waters, darkened only by patch reefs and punctuated by the billowing triangular.

Moorish, Stone Town which is a UNESCO Heritage Site, the old part of Zanzibar City, the Indian Ocean beach experience, coral sands, coral gardens, warm crystal water are just a few of the things you should enjoy here.

2. Maldive

Not a surprise!

This exotic destination has always been on top of the list of the most visited spots in the world, especially when they reopened borders to all travelers from all countries on July 15, 2020, promising everyone a normal vacation.


All travelers can visit the Maldives as long they have proof of a negative PCR test carried out within 96 hours before the departure. This must be submitted online within 24h before arrival to the Traveler Health Declaration form.

They allow tourists to move between hotels, but if you spend more than 48h in the Greater Male you should take another test if you want to move elsewhere.

Indeed, the prices to get there are sometimes over the budget, but as soon as you get to see the marvel of the Indian Ocean, the perfect beaches and lined palms around the spectacular resorts, luxury hotels set on private islands with rooms over the water, probably you'll forget the next second you've spent plenty of money for just a few days.

There are such varieties of options you could choose from: cheaper, luxurious, and more expensive packages depending on what you're planning to spend money on.

In these times, I've seen so many articles about this location, and so many social check-ins, posts, and tags so that the moment I used to see an exotic shot I instantly knew it's from the Maldives. That's crazy!

3. Mexico

Another spot I've noticed was recently overwhelmed by tourists in Mexico.


Mexico is wide open to all travelers around the world as there is no need to have proof with a negative Covid test, quarantine on arrival, but a declaration form and a QR code which is generated on arrival.

The hotel may ask guests to complete some health forms.

Note: American travelers need a negative Covid test taken 72 hours (or less) before arriving back in the US.

Talking about Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Yucatan together with Maya Ruins, Cenote, Las Coloradas, Cozumel, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Nuevo Vallarta are just a few breathtaking spots that will leave you speechless.

Not to mention the incredible mix of food flavors and smells along with spectacular cities, historical remains, beaches, and people.

So dreamy!

4. The Dominican Republic


Here we are in the middle of the Caribbean, the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola and the second-largest diverse country in the region.

The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean's most visited island with millions of travelers from all around the world.

For this holiday you have a great variety of choices from cheaper to luxury resorts, a location for everyone where you could enjoy the incredible beaches with endless soft and white sands, churches and fortresses within its capital city Santo Domingo, whale watching, hiking, and climbing, modern clubs and chill spots.


Dominican Republic is open for all travelers around the world as there is no longer a need to provide a negative COVID test upon arrival since 15th September 2020.

Note: Airports may perform some aleatory quick breath test. The US citizen must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered within 72h before the test before returning to the United States.

All visitors will perform a quick temperature check and those who show COVID symptoms will be self-isolated and attended at authorized locations.

As of January 26th, 2021, Dominican Tourism is offering complimentary viral antigen testing to all international visitors.

5. Egypt

It's not a mystery anymore that Egypt is one of my favorite destinations so far.

I had the most spectacular and so diverse experiences in my life: from scuba-diving to camel rides and safari journeys, visiting the Giza Pyramid complex and Bedouin's village, and enjoying so impressive resorts in Hurghada. All of them in just one vacation.

People are so kind and willing to help, and their food and drinks are beyond comparison. And that's not all because there are so many more experiences you could enjoy and everything is very affordable.


All travelers will need to provide a negative PCR test certificate upon arrival, which must be conducted within 72hours before the flight departure.

You could check with your airline company to confirm time frames for undertaking PCR tests and what needs to be presented before arriving at your destination.

Everyone will be subject to health measures, hence they need to complete a monitoring card with personal details with a confirmation of health insurance policy to airport authorities,

With all these being said, don't forget to check my recent article and see the whole journey I had in Egypt. Memorable!

Hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned to see what destination I have chosen!

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