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This pandemic situation has messed up our plans for 2020, but who knows what 2021 will bring? Therefore, let me share with you how I plan my trips and get ready for the next ones, because the best is yet to come!

Last year this time I was visiting Santa Claus Village, living for the first time the reindeer and husky experiences.

Damn, I miss so much those times!

I've watched some videos with us having a blast out there, and just a few moments later an idea has grown into my head and I've just decided to share some tips on how we've been usually planning our trips so far.

1. Set your travel budget

This is essential unless you don't wanna have a (bad) surprise. Set your own budget and create your perfect trip around it. You should take in consideration tickets, accomodation, activities, food and souvenirs and calculate a maximum amount of money you would spend.

Make sure you set a larger budget for a backup.

2. Choose a destination

This is the funniest part!

I am a traveler junkie, hence I have a huge list of incredible destinations I found on the internet, movies, documentaries or when I was just a little girl dreaming to travel all around the world.

Therefore I have in my mind which the next destination fits the best at any time. I admit I am extreme as I have such ideas as visiting the warmest or coldest places, and this wouldn't be a very bad feature, I guess.

But what I know for sure is to make a difference between a long and dreamy trip and a city break.

For example, for Christmas, New Year or any special occasions I choose an exquisite destination I will not get bored for 10 days. For city breaks I use to visit some cities or local spots where I could relax just for a few days after a long and tiring week in front of my computer.

This is my personal advice only from the experiences I had so far.

I realised this as we've decided to spend a few more days within a city after a dreamy location, and I swear I would have loved to get back to the previous one in a second.

2. Research the location

  • Safety concern

First thing you have to do is to make sure the country has less restrictions during the outbreak of Coronavirus and to see the government has been taking all necessary measures to protect the entire population.

You should obtain and confirm information about restrictions in the countries of origin and destination, from the airline company and from the foreign and border services.

Make sure you always wear the mask and respect the restrictions in that area.

  • Research things to do

The next and the most important step is to know clearly the things you can experience out there, therefore do research in detail and make sure you don't skip anything!

It's discouraging and frustrating when leaving the place to find out there were many other activities you've just missed.

It's important to plan this in advance as you don't want to arrive at the destination and not knowing what to do the next day, or to find out all the tours were already depleted. Hence, make sure you know exactly what to do and book it right away.

  • Transportation

Another move is to plan the routes between existing tourist spots, so you'll need to do research about the way you could reach each of them and check the availability for the desired dates.

You'll probably need to take the bus/taxi/train between destinations as they, for sure, are not next to each other and check the price too as this may impact your initial budget.

3. Book flights

This is the step where things get more serious!

My first advice is to book your tickets in advance for any trip because they usually don't get cheaper closer to the departure date, but inexpensive within 4 months to 3 weeks before. The sooner, the better!

Another tip is to buy them at the best time: Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST and be flexible with the travel dates and times, so choose the cheapest days like Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for an early flight. Another solution is to fly off-season. Don't forget to check the low-cost airline prices individually.

Don't always book a direct flight; you'll find a way better price if you fly to Istanbul and then to Egypt then flying directly to Egypt.

In a nutshell, avoid what sounds perfect for a flight: fly in-season when everybody travels, book a last minute flight for the end of week, or even a direct flight.

4. Book hotel

Book a hotel which meets your needs!

It's best practice to book it in advance, so you don't wanna spend precious time finding somewhere to sleep rather than exploring the wonderful surroundings.

You could save some serious money by switching between accomodations and finding the best offers. Just don't get fooled just by the appearance on the internet; do some research about the hotel, check the reviews, hashtags and check ins and then you're in the position to make the best decision. First impression is always impressive, ending up (sometimes) with a dissapointment.

5. Choose your outfits

And this one is one of the funniest and interesting parts! Go travel and take incredible shots all around the world, feel good and free and care less!

Yes! This is my advice unless you're not a traveler trying to create his own career.

Your outfit might majorly impact your feed and people may skip the follow button if they don't feel they're sufficiently inspired. Hence, you may win a follower if you catch their attention by dressing well.

Besides that, you'll eventually feel more confident and people may admire your style. So, don't miss this opportunity!

Note: Obviously, you'll feel great whenever you're dressed or what makeup you wear and what phone you use. The moment and the person who you're sharing this experience with matter the most!

With all these being said, hope you've enjoyed this article and see you in the next ones!

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