Racoș, the hidden Romania's gem

Here's my first post with one of my favorite places in Romania, Racoș!


1. An interesting destination

This pandemic period has lead us to a limited amount of destinations for spending a city break after an exhausting week in front of my laptop. Most of the countries were locked down, others had too many restrictions, so Romania is my only choice.

I actually love that because I never made enough time to visit my own country, even though we have a lot of incredible places to see.

People usually chose to go to Brasov or ski resorts in Predeal, Sinaia or Azuga which creates an overwhelming experience due to the crowd.

I didn't want to pick something mainstream, I just wanted to enjoy the weekend with my husband and our dog. As usually my good old friend called Instagram helped me in this moment of confusion and pushed on my feed this post of traditional landscape.

I rushed to check it out and I didn't even need one minute to make a decision.

Racoș, here we come!

2. Safety Concerns

During the outbreak of pneumonia by the new Coronavirus, the Romanian government has been taking all necessary measures to protect the population. All people that are planning to travel should obtain and confirm information about restrictions in the countries of origin and destination, from the airline company and from the foreign and border services. All the relevant information could be found on the ministry of foreign affairs - MAE.

Romanian territory / Border restriction - Most of the people that are crossing Romanian border have to be quarantined for 14 days but always check your contry restrictions on MAE website. The state of alert was extended on 14th of December for another 30 days according to the latest governament statements.

For Christmas and New Year they cancel the ban on movement on the public roads and the obligation to be home between 11 p.m. Catering and similar establishments can operate until 1 a.m.

As usual, don't forget to wear a mask everytime you go out and change it periodically, preferred at around 2 hours. Wash your hands and desinfect with hands cleaner everytime you leave your home and avoid by all means the crowded places (this is why I'm suggesting Racos as an ideal destination for this strange time we're living in).

3. Route to the hidden location


Racoș is an old village close to Brasov that was used by the Dacian people as keypoint in the fortification network.

You have plenty of options to get here by: car, train or even airplane if you are coming from Brasov and you read this article after about two years. Yes, the Brasov airport is under construction and it's estimated to be ready in 2022.

You could pick any of the mentioned options because the arrival time is quite the same 1-2 hours.

Just take a cup of coffee and enjoy the road. We've had a mixed trip caused by the intense trafic and we stopped one night in Brasov to take a hike on Tampa then got to Racos the day after.


4. Main attractions

You'll be surprised, but everything is so well organized. We were worried about how to visit everything that we had in mind but this problem vanished when we got there. The organizers took care of it for us. We've paid a tax of about 5$ (15 RON) per person for a full access pass.

Racos Volcano

Yasss! First stop, Racoș Volcano!

After we parked our car, it took us around 10-15 minutes to climb to the volcano. The view was astonishing and let us speechless. A portrait of autumn colors painted only by rocks and sand peaked our view. It was like we've got to the minimized Grand Cannion, really incredible. Trees created their way out from spot to spot sparkling the view with fresh green, giving us a sign of hope and reborn of the nature.

From ashes to life just like the phoenix!

We've taken a lot of photos while our dog was enjoying the time running from one edge of the volcano to another, causing us a heart attack everytime we've noticed.

Emerald Lake


Second destination was the Emerald Lake which was around 15 minutes away by walking or for the lazy ones just like us, 3 minutes by the car. Yes, you could take the car to the second location.

Few minutes later we were surrounded by the mountain walls that were holding the turquoise coloured water. The landscape was just out of this world, because it's quite strange to find these places around Romania.

The lake was created from the water collected by the mountain after rainining. We were wondering how this perfect boul for the water was created and it came to us as a surprise when we found out that 10 years ago, this place was a basalt quarry.

So after all the harm people did to nature, we've actually managed to create something good. This wonderful lake was created by nature tears to fill the gap created by humans.


Basalt Columns

When we thought that we couldn't be more impressed, we've arrived at the columns. Linked to the lake at around 10 minutes, they are the result of fast cooling of volcanic lava. Just like at the museum, we've admired nature's art.

We were definitely impressed since the columns could reach up to 15 metters in height. We were just silently "wow-ing" our thoughts looking above us at these magnificent structures built by nature.


5. Tips and Tricks

If you are worring about getting to the location by car, Maps or Waze will take you directly to the parking spot.

Don't forget to take some hiking boots because you'll have to climb for about 10-20 minutes on a low difficulty.

Please have your phone or camera fully charged because you'll take lots of great shots. You could pay cash for the passes at the entrance but most of the merchants will accept cash, so carry with you a couple of bills.

Hope you've enjoyed and see you in the next one!

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