How I easily do my nails at home

Ladies, it's time to share with you a serious money saving tip! Woohoo!

Even if you're a big fan of nails done or not, it's time to admit it's a freaking long-term costly service.

I first decided to start making my nails by myself when noticed I used to spend lots of money and the result wasn't quite the way I expected. In addition, the manicure wouldn't last long as I get bored and start scrubbing the gel off my nails (yes, I know, such bad habbit).

I had all the reasons in the world to stop making an appointment as often as I got bored, even if I knew I won't be enough satisfied with the result.

Additionally, I need to admit I was eager to make my own manicure after I've watched youtube tutorials all day long. Nail art is not as complicated as it seems and it's so damn satisfying!

Note: This article it's about making a semi permanent manicure at home.

So, here's the list of the items you need to start with:

1. LED Lamp

This makes the difference between semi permanent and a normal manicure.

I chose this lamp as it's a 24W new generation LED with more than 40.000 hours of use and a fast curing of gels, gel lac, soak-off and semi permanent lac (10 - 30 sec). It has 30/60s timer and it's low energy and eco friendly.

Another option would be UV Lamp, but my favorite one is Led Lamp for the below reasons:

  • LED nail dryers are said to be safer than UV lights
  • UV lights takes 8-10 minutes to cure gels, while LED lamps take 30-45 seconds.
  • LED bulbs last much longer than UV bulbs
Note: LED lights are more expensive than UV lamps, but you will get a safer and more economical product by choosing an LED lamp in the long run.

2. High quality gel polish

For this you will need:

  • primer
  • base gel
  • gel nail color
  • top coat

I use Cupio brand as their products are super qualitative. This is optional and you can use any product you like.

2. High quality nails tools
Polish RemoverSheislittlewonderer

You will need:

  • 100% acetone
  • nail clipper
  • cuticle remover (optional)
  • alcohol or gel cleanser liquid
  • nail buffer
  • coarse nail file


This electrical nail tile is just optional as I bought it only to remove my old color in a faster way. Also, it helps in cuticles removal too.

Removing the old color

Remember that you could do a great job with a normal coarse nail file.

What I use for old lac removal:

  • coarse nail file
  • acetone and streiol strips
  • electrical nail tile

Let me cut the chase and brief you with the fact you won't end up with the perfect manicure right from the first try. Perhaps... neither from the second try.

If I only show my first result, you'd laugh the rest of the day (I am not saying I am currently doing a great job, but it's waaaay better, trust me).

Don't worry! Do it better with practice.
Now, let's get started!

1. Clean nails

Make sure your nails are clean! This is the rule of thumb.

I start with removing my old gel layers, then I use my nail buffer and acetone (or gel cleanser liquid) to make sure I abolish any oily spot on the surface of the nail. This is a critical step you must not skip.

2. Primer

For a long-wear manicure, I apply a primer before the first layer of base gel. This also protects your nails.

3. Base gel

Apply a thin/thick layer of base gel and let under the lamp for about 60s each nail.

This is the critical step in witch your nail starts to get the desired shape.

4. Color layer

And here the fun part comes!

I usually apply two layers of color, sometimes three when it's a lighter shade. I am just trying avoiding the marks let by the brush and I notice as many strata I have, as the perfect the nail looks. Do not abuse when applying the color layers as it may look so unnatural.

So, here my first layer looks like:

It's just a tiny coating and it's just perfect. Don't worry, it will look much better with the second one.

I usually let the color dry under the lamp for 60s.

When applying the color, try not to get too close to the cuticle as you may turn your result out into a dirty and messy one.

And here's the tip because we could easily make this mistake: take the thinnest brush, soak it in acetone and correct the excess whenever you want. Here's my brush, as I encourage you to get a brush with the same shape:

5. Top coat

After the second layer of color and the last and the most important top coat, my nails look like this:

I let the top coat to dry for almost 90s under the LED.

6. Remove the stickness and cuticle treatment

The last step is to clean my nails with acetone and apply a gentle cuticle treatment.

You could play with colors and shapes and create such timeless and trendy manicure.

And here we go! Pretty simple, huh?

Hope you've enjoyed this article and see you in the next one!

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