Grindelwald, a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Oh, but what a great journey I am about to story, my dears! Get ready to add this one on your bucketlist.

The famous mountain village of Grindelwald is located in Alpine landscape at the foot of the Eiger north face.

I have randomly found this land of Grindelwald while scrolling on the internet and the next second it was already added on my bucketlist. The diversity of the glacier patterns of the village makes it so attractive and popular.

Therefore, we chose this destination in the summer of the year 2018, when this pandemic situation was nothing but unthinkable. I remember we started this journey with visiting Portugal and decided to spend some more days in Switzerland as we booked a transit flight right in Basel, the northern region of this wonderful country.

We spent 5 days in this sweet surrender and I swear I woudn't have left in a thousand years.

First note would be about the prices: this country was one of the most expensive countries we've been so far.

Ticket booking

As we were just stoping by from Portugal, we had three kind of separate ticket bookings. First we booked them for a direct flight from Bucharest to Coimbra, a sweet region of Portugal. Then we took the plane back from Porto to Basel, and for the last route we took the plane from the same airport to Bucharest.

We spent about 300EUR/pers on the tickets, pretty cheap considering the circumstances.

Getting to Grindelwald

  • By rail - You could travel via Bern or Lucerne to Interlaken-Ost and then change to the Bernese Oberland Railway to Grindelwald, or
  • By car - Via Bern or Lucerne to Interlaken, or from the south, via the Grimsel Pass (available on summer time only) or the Simplon Pass and the Lötschberg car-transport train to Interlaken.

We spend one night in Basel, then we've decided the best choice would be to travel by train. Said and done! We have admired the incredible views of that region for almost 3 hours, time you won't feel at all as the landscapes are beyond compare. The price for this ticket was about 45EUR/pers.

Hotel booking

Our home for the next days was actually a huge cottage, highly affordable compared to prices in that area (about 500EUR/pers for 5nights). We had breakfast included with an excellent view as a bonus!

Lehmann's Herberge Hostel is an intresting family business. We have booked this cottage for its location and its incredible view. Not to talk about the woody interior design which pushed us right in the middle of the story. Everything worked out perfeclty!

The best is yet to come because you could do a wide range of activities and lots of opportunities amidst untouched nature is waiting to be discovered.

1. Travel by train

The best thing you could start your journey with is to travel by train. This experience it's a must, hence you'll discover the overwhelming beauty of this country.

Jungfraujoch, Jungfraujoch Sphinx Observatory, Lauterbrunnen and Ice Palace - Jungfraujoch are just a few spots you could feel this place it's the 8th miracle in the world!

This journey to Jungfraujoch is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll have!

2. Try the craziest tobbogan

Being in Grindelwald don't skip the opportunity to try these unique experiences. Push you beyond your comfort zone and try the craziest slide e v e r. You'll slide through the colorful Alpins under the soft sunshines and the foehn with breath taking views over the whole valley.

The toboggan run starts at the top of the cable car and it's is 736 m long and drops 58 m, hence the toboggans can reach speeds of 40 km/h. That's about adrenaline!

You can buy single tickets at the hut next to the course for about 6EUR/pers.

Experience a day full of adventures on the Pfingstegg, the one and only family destination At the top you will find several attractions for fun besides the tobbogan: the brand-new fly-line and their fabled treasure hunt. And for a unique dinner, make a reservation for one of our gondola dinners.

Note: First of all this site is a goldmine for travelers with kids and second, the slide is open from May to October only.

3. Cable car to Pfingstegg

Another experience you could try is the gondola!

So if you only have time to cram in a quick cable car ride which brings you in less that 5 minutes trip to Pfingstegg with about 18EUR/pers single and 28EUR/pers return.

You could enjoy the spectacular views of the valley from above, tiny crammed houses all over the green living hills. The nature is so astonishing!

Note: This is open all summer and is 736 metres long with a vertical drop of almost 60 metres.

4. Fly line

Now it's time for a ride with Fly line!

You will enjoy a 2.5 minutes flight over the astonishing valley. You will start the ride right from the below flight spot of the Pfingstegg gondola mountain station.

They got the advanced lift system built of stainless steel pipe system then attached to the trees next.This is the only Fly line worldwide where you are being brought back to the starting back to the starting point!

The price for this flight is about 12EUR/pers.

5. First - Schwarzhorn

You shouldn't miss this one!

Take the gondola or climb the dizzy heights on the west side of the First Cliff Walk presented by Tissot and be prepared for some astonishing views. The landscapes are incredible, the rocks with their sharp niches, peaks, the waterfall and the lake are absolutely staggering. Not to forget the rocks with their layers and niches that serve the as a take-off and landing place for the alpine choughs. Lovely!

This First Cliff Walk is a metalic terrace which rises 45 metres out into the void which reveals a great view from the top and it's also a good place for skiing and doing other fun activities especially in the winter season.

6. Hike/ Cliff walks/ Bike tour

Hiking enthusiasts can hike up the mountain using one of the hiking paths to enjoy a ride up with the bike or even by walking. One good route might be the one back from First to Grindelwald.

Note that all the railways and cable cars are adapted for bikers, so don't worry, you got lots of options out there!

7. Make a stop to see Interlaken

And last but not least I want to strongly encourage to make a stop to see the mighty Interlaken on your way back to/from Grindelwad. There you could enjoy such crazy views out of this world.

We have seen it right from the train, and I honestly regret we didn't plan at least two days for this location.

Not a problem at all because we will definitely return!

Hope you've enjoyed this journey with me and see you in the next one!

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