Bohemian Wedding in Santorini!

Santorini is the destination with the most remarkable experience we had so far in our lives!

Not only because it has such beyond belief views, but because it was our favorite home we chose to have our wedding in.

We were strongly commited to say YES in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. And we did it!

But first, I want to let here my words as I am so fulfilled and blessed I found the right man I am so happy to spend my life with. I am so proud (even if that means I am sinner, but could not resist but share this). I feel so strong and confident and protected with you and I feel I couldn't have find any better man in eleven hundred lives, and this is kinda scarry because you're just a human and I don't wanna lose you when we'll be 100years old. Damn, boy! You're everything to me.
Note: This is the most special article I have ever done in my life. Goosebumps and sweet memories!

Our story began three years ago and since then I knew this was something extremly real and day by day everything became stonger and, actually, the place where I'd have happily return without thinking for a second after a bad or a great day.

Many people get surprised as they hear I am only 24 and already "got stuck" with a husband. Haha! I couldn't wonder why, but this sometimes gets me pissed off, honestly. Why in the world would you want to marry a guy?

Pretty simple, it's about the love and the bond.

Therefore, last year whilst being on our first scandinavian trip for Christmas in Santa's Village, my husband surprised me with the most beautiful engagement ring.

It's an entire crazy and funny story to tell, but I promise I'll come back with another post where I wil story you this in details. You'll love it!

Inevitable we talked about the big day which should have happend the next summer. We both wanted something special, something restricted with the beloved ones only. Somewhere we could have fun, we could just dance and be free and shout out of happines without worrying about anything in this world; without keeping a damn track of traditions or imposed standars.

Note: We are romanian citizens, so what I'll be talking about next it's related to a Romania based company. Anyway, their services are available everywhere for everyone no matter the citizenship.

I knew about Wedding on the beach from some tv promotions and I had a look for curiosity on their site to read about their story and tenders eventually as I would have never believed I would apply for their services.

This was just a far from reality plan, even though I would love the ideea to have our wedding somewhere far, or even on the Black Sea shores.

I found some decent prices for so many destinations like Mexic, Thailand and suprisingly, I spoted a great offer for Greece, Santorini.

This was our chance to have our dream wedding, hence the next day we emailed them with our proposal. So exciting! They were extremly opened and helpful, hence we realised this was the right choice with a trusty team.

Since this moment we had to take in consideration the next factors:

1. Wedding

  • documents
  • number of guests (we have decided later on with a maximum of a 15 pers)
  • extra costs for extra services
  • wedding outfits

2. Costs of the holiday (except the big day)

  • transportation (plane/car ->ferryboat)
  • Villa booking for everybody
  • car rent (we had a wrangler for the big day and a little car for the rest of the days).
  • food


Within the next few months we have thought about each details and therefore came out a super long list which brought an exponential growth to our initial price. That was because I wanted my wedding to be like the ones from Pinterest, casual with a bohemian theme and they have handled everything I asked.

The best thing was regarding the fact we did not care about the entire organizational process and the painstaking paper work, but we needed to share with them the next documents:

1. Civil wedding

  • birth certificate (bride + groom)
  • ID card (bride + groom)
  • celibacy certificate (bride + groom) with Apostille (this is highly required).

2. Religious wedding

  • baptism certificate (bride + groom)
  • religious wedding certificate of our future godparents.

The initial price (around 6.500EUR + TVA) included the next services: civil and religious wedding, paper work, restaurant, food, drinks, the official wedding cake and arch and music for 15 people. Also, everything should last until 2:30AM.

We have opted for extra services:

  • Custom wedding decorations: wedding arch, guest table, the bride's bouquet
  • 2h Video/photo services (they offer us another 2 free hours shooting session in Oia)
  • Make-up


For this event we opted for some legere boho outfits, excellent for a beach party. Everyone has dressed in white or off-white suits.

My husband wore a cotton set which was a great fit for my bohemian perfect dress (custom made).

I dropped out the common veil and sandals and wore my dreamy hat from Lack of Colors with some soft beachy details and my favorite converse sneakers. Couldn't find any better match!


Since the existence of this ubiquitous virus our plans have initially fell apart.

We thought to postpone our wedding, but the organizers encouraged us and little changes occured: our initial restaurant was closed, hence we were moved to another high class restaurant (which was pretty nice), then and we were strictly limited with the number of guests (which was not a problem for us). The last one hurt me a bit as we could not party more after 12 at midnight.

Across these restrictions, our huge impediment was the COVID test before we'll headed out for Santorini. If you can imagine, I could not think about my wedding but this damn test as I was so afraid for all of us.

Eventually, everything was fine and everyone was negative! Hoooooray!

We took the plane the next day and after about 2 hours we reach our amazing villa (I am going to talk about it later on this article) and started to explore the surroundings withing the next few days. I was so happy and fulfilled being with my family here and so close to this big event!

The big day

The big day has come and we started our day with some good music and a coffee.

Few hours later and my family stared decorating our wrangler with flowers and I was about to prepare myself for the shooting in Oia. My husband was not allowed to see me and vice versa until we were ready.

Therefore, the moment we saw each other was there with tears of joy and excitement. My heart leaped intro my throat as I was about to faint for a second. I saw him, he saw me and we kissed and nothing mattered but just the two of us. And it was just perfect!

We took the jeep and headed out for Oia like some crazy restless young humans without a care in the world! I remeber everyone started shouting out, clapping and cheering on us with joy and probably, with nostalgic thoughts. That was pretty awesome!

We spend few hours in Oia to take the best shots we could. Thank God I chose to wear some comfy sneakers!

After eleven hundred captures in this amazing place, we headed out for our restaurant because it was time to get married! I was so nervous about that I thought I was dreaming. Such a sweet dream!

We had everything so well organised, our arch was as I dreamed about and we had a single table on the beach for 10 persons.

Good music and so delicious food! The party was over at 12PM and what I would have wanted to last just a bit more... just a bit!

Costs of the holiday

1. Transportation

We mainly traveled by plane except our godparents which chose to travel by car and ferryboat. We took our tickets for about 150EUR per person with a month before this trip when the prices have already dropped (because of the Covid situation).

2. Villa

We have booked the most beautiful villa we could have ever book in Santorini. Oh, I loved it!

If you don't believe me, please check the link I have attached and convince yourself.

This villa is situated in Emporio region and had instantly stolen my heart. So classy and dreamy with a hot tub and a big baldachin by the pool party. It has some cave rooms which are pretty awesome with the futuristic aesthetics which could let you speechless.

Oh, not to mention the staff. So cool and kind people! Yaay

I wholeheartedly recommend this villa as It is one of my top favorites hotels ever. It cost us 4.000EUR for 8 days and 10 ppl.

3. Food

We have tried a variety of foods at the restaurants in Emporio which was heavenly delicious! So prepare to spend some serious money on that because you won't resist.

Some restaurant I recommend are:

Mario - #1 Santorini Restaurant

Metaxi Mas - considered to be one of the best restaurants in Santorini

Cava Alta - this place is just wow!

Argo - this one is the best restaurant in Fira

Also, you could choose to shop some groceries from the market (there is also a Lidle somewhere in the north-west of the island) or check out the butcher shop for a delightful meal and a crazy barbeque!


With all these being said, I hope you liked our journey to this important step and see you to the next ones! Wooohooo!

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