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The time to story you about our 11 amazing days in Egypt has come, thus I made myself a good coffee, opened my laptop and... speechles because I honestly don't know where to start from.

The ideea of visiting this country has raised in my mind since I was a little girl and lasted all these many years until I found myself in front of the mighty pyramids. Egypt was - for me - an entire mistery dressed up with stones and dust and I was so eager to gaze in wonder at the ancient pyramids and temples left over from the time of the pharaohs.

Best time to visit Egypt is during the northern hemisphere fall, winter or early spring (from October to April) where the weather is cooler, but still pleasantly warm.

Therefore, Egypt would be a great ideea even for Christmas!

If you want to avoid the crowds then December and January are not a good option. Also, avoid summer time as the temps are too high with very dry air, but lower prices.

With all these being said, let's share with you our itinerary and the beauty of this country.

1. Tickets booking

We have booked our tickets with less than a month before this trip (mid-January for early February). The prices ranged between 290-310EUR/person, but I can vouch you'll get a better price if you plan this in time. The earlier, the better!

The next day, we've decided to book the tours and services right from the resort because they could offer you a better price with the partnership they have.

Note: You will need a visa which will cost roughly 20EURO (single entry) valid for 30 days.

2. Hotel booking

We booked two resorts Meraki Resort for 7 nights and Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh for our last 4 days as I instantly fell in love with both.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Meraki Resort for a cheaper stay in Egypt, but luxurious one. I was trully impressed by their services: food, comfort, kind people, money and the variety of places you could spend the day. It's a huge resort with one main restaurant and other 7 restaurants a la carte where you could enjoy their traditional food, some burgers or some pasta.

It has so many spots you could enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine, lots of events like parties every night, yoga or dacing classes, spa and a huge traditional tent by the pool where you could drink a good black tea and enjoy a shisha.

And not to talk about the smell of the fresh trimmed lawn and the soft wind through all the palms in the yard across the beach with so many hammocks and canopies.

The perfect place to enjoy a perfect vacay!

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh is another huge incredibly resort, with so incredible views. It was a classy one with a cozy room and so large terrace. The place is so luxurious and the people so kind. Oh, and the food! So yummy!

3. Tours and safari in Sahara

Once we have arrived at our first resort in Hurghada, we were greeted to our nice room with huge window and yard view.

We took our first day to rest and explore the place and book our tours for the next days. Awesome experiences have yet to come!

As I've already mentioned, we have booked our tours right from our resort as we could get a better price. So here we go, our plan for the next days was looking like that: first we wanted to try the scuba diving and snorkeling package which cost us almost 120EUR/pers. The next day we were supposed to be on a full day trip for Cairo and Giza for almost 160EUR/pers and in the last days we would go for the craziest desert safari which cost about 65EUR/pers.

4. Scuba diving and snorkeling in Red Sea

My biggest dream after Giza was to dive in the Red Sea!

If you have never dived before, you can opt for an introductory dive or you would want to take some courses. It's all possible here!
After earning your scuba diving certification you will be free to dive anywhere in the world along with your dive buddy to a maximum depth of 18 meters!

Therefore, the day to dive has come and we were fist taking the boat to the sites and wrecks around the Giftun Islands where we could see the beautiful and popular corals.

We first tried the snorkeling sesion at the surface of the water and then we went deeper for two crazy dives.

Note: Any agency should offer you full equipment: diving suit, BCD, Mask & Snorkel, 15 l tank (Steel) and fins included in the price.

Swimming on the bottom of the sea through all the fish species and thousand of colorful corals was so magical and it's worth every second of panic as the pressure was pretty annoying and you should not neglect it.

Hurghada Diving Season

The northern Red Sea is slightly cooler than the southern section, hence temperatures peak at 27-28°C during July to September. After these months the temperatures slide slightly down from 27-25°C in October and November. From December to February they plummeting from 25-22°C. After the annual lows of February, things start to warm up again to 22-26°C between March and June.

5. Giza private tour

And the best is yet to come because the next day we found ourselves on the way to what I've been dreaming for so long, Giza. The journey started at 3AM with our private guide at the gates of the resort.

We opted for a private guide as the road was very long and for a better comfort and safety and I encourage you to do the same. It's worth every penny!

After almost 6 hours, we have finally arrived in Cairo and the first stop was at one of the most important museum in that region. We were impressed by the greatness of the imposing statues, surrounded by egyptian gods and ancient hieroglyphs. We've traveled in the past, in a world of pharaohs and the life after death.

The last one was King Tutankhamun's coffin, actually coffins as his sarcophagus had three coffins: outer two coffins crafted in wood and covered in gold along with semiprecious stones and innermost coffin made of solid gold and his death mask.

The next stop was at papyrus factory where we watched the entire manual process of manufacturing. It was quite interesting as I would never believe this is the way papyruses were made and bought some, obviously, because what could be nicer as a souvenir than a papyrus?

Then, we headed out for Giza; I remember I was so nervous watching each building we passed by and thinking about that moment.

Few seconds later and a huge shape was growing right from the corner of a tiny apartment. Then another one and then the last one. I couldn't get my eyes out of that. Finally, the greatest Giza Pyramids: Khufu (tallest), Khafre and Menkaure.

We took lots of captures and booked a short camel ride just around the pyramids whilst our nice guide was storying about the pharaons and all the history in the world. Joking!

Note: We had breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

6. Safari in Sahara

And that's not all because we had safari next on the list!

We started with an 1h ATV drive, then we chose our buggie and went for a crazy tour. This was the moment my husband thought he will fly out of the vehicle with me as a driver.

Sorry, nugget, but couldn't resist!

Then we got up in the Jeep and headed out for Bedouins Village. We walked almost 21miles through Sahara while our aventurous guide was jumping off on all bumps he meets on his way. We had a blast!

Once we reach the Bedouins Village we were greeted by the kind people offering us some traditional tea and fresh bread made on came's poop source of fire. We had a quick camel ride in that area and then we've explored their little village. It was incredible!

7.Valley of the Kings

There is the valley where the King Tut' is resting in his tomb and 64 other tombs. Not all the tombs are open, therefore few may be closed for restoration or to reduce the crowd and traffic.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Nile Delta were the tombs of choice for pharaohs of Egypt's Old Kingdom. But New Kingdom pharaohs, who wanted to be closer to the source of their dynastic roots in the south, built their crypts in the hills of this barren tract west of Luxor, now called the Valley of the Kings located on the west bank of Nile.

When you visit the Valley of the Kings you need to buy two tickets: the entrance ticket for the main entry into the valley (13EUR per person) and the tram ticket for about 1EUR per person.

Note: There are few tombs included on your entrance ticket and only three with extra ticket. If you'd like to visit the extra tombs like Tut's tomb you will pay an extra ticket for about 16EUR per pers.

8. Luxor Pass

You could buy the standard Luxor Pass for 80EUR per person which includes all of the sites on the East Bank (except the tombs of Seti I and Nefertari) and premium Luxor Pass for 160EUR/pers which includes all of the archaeological sites on the East and West Banks (including the tombs of Seti I and Nefertari).

9. Hot Air Balloon

Yes, You heard well! You could enjoy the trip of your life and see the great history right from the sky of Luxor. This tour may last from 45 to even few hours and may cost you about 140EUR per person.

10. Tips&Tricks

  • The temperatures are very high even on winter time, so bring plenty of sun protection and wear protective clothing.
  • Travel Insurance is your first priority
  • Shop at Khan el-Khalili
  • Hire an Egypt Tour Guide
  • Beware of Scammers
Hope you've enjoyed this journey with me and see you in the next one!

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