Last Days of my uncle.

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I hope this article helps others understand what can happen when someone gets COVID-19 and ends up in ICU. We live in Central Florida. We have an ordinary life like every other USA citizen. Sometimes in our lives, we take some serious things for granted and begin not to believe in their existence. The same is the case with COVID-19. Many people like my grandfather do not believe in the coronavirus and have their reasons for that.

My uncle had to go through this to understand that he should have gotten vaccinated.

It was not the first time that my uncle tested COVID-19 positive; it has happened before. But, he was too religious to believe in the medics. Yes, He was one of those wackadoodle religious extremists. I do not know if he was into Qanon stuff, but I would not be surprised if he were into it.
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It was not until he fell seriously sick and we had to rush to the hospital where he was admitted in the ICU when he may have realized he was wrong. It was the moment in his life when he finally might have realized that it was real; my uncle believed that COVID-19 was a myth. I think it was the delta variant this time that caught him. The first time when he contracted the virus, he was fine. But, God knows if it was his efficient immune system or the willpower that saved him. He did not believe in COVID and was not vaccinated. This time it happened to be the delta variant that got him into ICU. My uncle had to go through this to understand that he should have gotten vaccinated.

We were so afraid. My uncle has never been that weak before. He was a strong man, but even the strongest people need to break down once in a while.

I urge you to Please get vaccinated if you can. Do not put your life and others in jeopardy over stupid conspiracy theories. Masks work too. Believe it or not but taking preventive measures is the best way to avoid any disease. Please do not take COVID-19 for granted and do not be the victim of cognitive dissonance.

Four days after his admission to ICU, the intubation began. He was doing better and slowly recovering. Then suddenly, he took a U-turn for the worst. I have recently lost my father to lungs cancer, and now I am at the hospital seeing my uncle hanging between life and death. I hope this article helps others understand what can happen when someone gets COVID-19 and ends up in ICU. For the last four days, he has been on a ventilator.

He had pneumonia in both lungs and was on dialysis. From what I read have learned that the COVID can cause lung failure and then kidney failure. I was preparing for the worst. He was in his early 60’s and was not vaccinated. Being in hospital for the last five days was not easy for me. After my father, he was the one closest to me.

A few more days passed in the ICU. We were there in the hospital praying outside the CUE for the swift recovery of my uncle when the irrevocable news came. My uncle passed away after 11 days of suffering. He could not defeat coronavirus due to his early negligence. Had he taken the pandemic seriously and got vaccinated, he would not have suffered in the ICU.

He has been through intubation for almost a week, then had to go on dialysis, had gotten double pneumonia, and then his organs started shutting down. He was in generally good health, although a bit overweight. He thought he got it at the gym because nobody was wearing masks there. Also, he got COVID before but still did not get vaccinated. He was in his early 60s. He left behind his daughter and two grandchildren.

It was the story of an acquaintance who has recently lost his uncle due to covid. A few months before his uncle's death, she lost her father. She shared this experience with us for the people who do not believe in the covid. She urges everyone to please get vaccinated and mask.

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If you are or you know someone who is vaccinated and tested positive, Read this article.

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