Vaccinated and Positive?

Sheeraz Qurban

Many people these days are being tested COVID positive even after completing their vaccination doses. Why is it so? What does the vaccination do? People are shocked and losing faith in the vaccination. Is it something serious if you are tested positive after completing your vaccination doses?

Based on the data provided by the health department, almost half of the Florida population is fully vaccinated. Yet the state leads in daily new COVID cases!. It worried me, so I began to search for the people who were recently tested positive. I went through some social media groups, online platforms, and few news websites. There I found something interesting yet, worrisome. Some of the people who were tested positive recently are the same who have completed their vaccination doses. After knowing their experiences and some research work, I found some valuable information that I believe you should know.
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Aren’t the vaccines working?

Experts say that the Approved vaccines are working very effectively. The efficiency of vaccines is not 100%, and vaccine breakthrough cases can be expected, but they are rare.

Vaccine breakthrough cases are the cases in which people who are fully vaccinated and yet tested positive. So what do the vaccines do? Why are we being vaccinated if we can still contract the virus? To understand the working of the vaccines, one must understand how does the virus makes you sick.

In my previous article, I highlighted the current rise in daily new COVID cases in Florida and tried to explain the reasons behind that rise. You can read that article here.

What happens when the virus enters your body?

In simple words: When the virus enters your body, it causes an infection which leads to illness. Your body’s immune system is disturbed that resultantly produces a particular type of white blood cells that fight with the virus and produces antibodies to prevent the spread of infection. It depends on your immune system that how much time it takes to grow these specific white blood cells. It can take days, weeks, or months. The spread of virus infection in your body is indirectly proportional to the effectiveness of your immune system. The stronger your immune system is, the lower is the risk of virus infection inside your body.

What does the vaccine do?

Though the vaccines work in different ways, all of the vaccines boost your immune system so that it can quickly produce these specific white blood cells. So that when the virus enters your body, its infection can be neutralized.

Vaccines do not prevent the virus from entering your body, but they are designed to swiftly fight the virus as soon as it enters your body.

Vaccines prevent the virus infection from spreading inside your body, and they also prevent your health from getting severe.

Vaccines do not let you get too sick or die. They make your immune system stronger so it can fight the virus effectively.

Some vaccines do not reach their full effectiveness till their second dose. You may contract the virus after the first dose and feel a bit sick too.

Even though after completing both doses, in rare cases, you might be tested positive but you won't get too sick or need hospitalization.

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