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Miami Beach Rock Artist Al LoJack Calls for an End to Racism in New Music Video "Color of My Skin"

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Color of My Skin by Al LoJackPhoto byAl LoJack
Al LoJackPhoto byAl LoJack

Miami Beach,

South Beach rock musician Al LoJack has released a new video, "Color of My Skin," calling for an end to racism and promoting unity. The song combines guitar riffs and soulful lyrics to evoke hope and determination.

In the song, LoJack encourages listeners to embrace diversity and reject racist attitudes. He delivers a passionate performance, asking "Don't you want to get to know me? We’re all the same inside." The refrain "the color of my skin, please don't judge," challenges the notion that skin color should dictate worth or status in society.

In a world where racial tensions persist, "Color of My Skin" offers a message of hope and unity. The upbeat delivery and dynamic musical style make the song a powerful anthem for those fighting for change.

LoJack was inspired to write the song after witnessing a colleague being judged because of her race. He said, "It's a shame there's still so much ignorance and racism in this day and age. I hope 'Color of My Skin' inspires even just one person to rethink their attitude and come to a place where there is love, not hate, and no judging based on skin color."

The song's production captures the energy of LoJack's message, with soaring guitar lines and a memorable melody.

"Color of My Skin" is a reminder of hope in a time of increasing bigotry and antisemitism. Whether a fan of rock music or an advocate for unity and ending racism, the song is sure to inspire and move listeners for years to come.

The official audio for "Color of My Skin" will be released soon on all platforms. Connect with Al LoJack on, Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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