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Who is Ladi Miz? This NY Songwriter, Author, and Podcast Diva is all about Family, Finance, and Building a Legacy

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Multi-talented entrepreneur, songwriter, author, and podcast host. Ladi Miz is anything but one-dimensional and someone you’ll want to get to know.
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Forget the Kardashians. Try keeping up with Ladi Miz! This multi-talented creative diva originally from Philly, now a New Yorker, gives the energizer bunny a run for the money! If you’re lucky enough to be in her creative orbit, you will be in awe of her entrepreneurial work ethic, inspired by her desire to uplift her community and recognize that when it comes to music, She Got Game.

Ladi Miz is a Songwriter, and Author; known for her conscious music, however, she is very versatile and her passion for hip-hop music is about teaching her community and uplifting her people.

This artist loves to entertain and have fun, but her goal is to make a difference by positively impacting her fans. Ladi Miz has her own podcast called “From Da Ground Up Productions” where she has interviewed several legends and provides a platform for other independent artists and business owners. She also started her own publishing company.

But Ladi Miz is not just an entertainer, she is also an entrepreneur. She has her own company, “Peace Mentoring LLC” where she serves as a motivational coach and workshop instructor. She also hosts and promotes parties. And it doesn’t stop there! Ladi Miz is multi-passionate. She recently started her own potato chip company called Boss Move Chips.
Boss Move ChipsLadi Miz

She Got Game Media sat down with Ladi Miz recently to get a proper introduction and find out why whether it’s in Entertainment or Business she’s someone you definitely want on your radar.

Q. You’re known as Ladi Miz or Miz for short. Where did that creative nickname come from?

A. I used to go by Mizere which properly is spelled like misery. That name came from me being more of a hard-core type of rapper back in the day. Once I kind of outgrew the roughness, I got older and wiser I put the Ladi in front of it and just kept the Miz which people called me anyway, for short. This idea was given to me by a friend that is a well-known producer.

Q. Tell us your story? Who is Ladi Miz?

A: I am a multi-passionate MC/entrepreneur. Been through a lot of struggles and spent the majority of the beginning of my life trying to survive. Once I felt like I had better control over my life, I decided to live it and do everything that I wanted. This is why I’m doing multiple things. But most importantly, I am a wife and a mother. The first part of my wishes and dreams have already come true. I have my family and my home and real love, which is all I ever really wanted.

Q. Where are you from originally?

A: I am originally from West Philly. I eventually moved to upstate New York -Rockland County.

Q. When did you first discover you had talent?

A.The first time I first discovered that I wanted to write music was around 11 years old. I was listening to a slick Rick and Dougie fresh‘s song called ‘The Show,’ and I was writing their lyrics down so I can recite it along with them. At some point, I started writing my own lyrics.

Q. Did you have any role models coming up in the game? If so who?

A. Honestly, at this time I can’t think of any as I was growing up. However, I did admire a lot of people including my mother and my sister because they always represented what it was like to be a strong woman.

Q. Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along your journey?

A. This needs to be a whole series, but I’ll try to keep it short. Some of the challenges that I faced were trying to do everything in a professional way. And also trying to find the right people who are not scam artists. In this over-saturated industry in Entertainment, everyone promises to sell dreams and charges you for it. I’ve wasted a lot of money trusting so many people which made me start to hate the industry and trust no one.

I figured I should just learn how to do it all myself, but that is impossible because it becomes overwhelming and then you cut corners and it shows when you’re branding yourself. What I’ve learned is just because I’m capable of doing it doesn’t mean I should try to do it all because you can get burnt out and you should leave some things up to the professionals. The problem is just finding the real professionals and weeding out the fake ones. The lessons never stop. I feel I am learning lessons consistently. One of the lessons learned is don’t make quick decisions, take time to think it over, question everything, and keep a paper trail and receipts because accountability in others is hard to find. Most importantly, the biggest lesson learned in my journey in business is to know what your goal is so that you don’t find yourself lost chasing a dream that was never yours to begin with because that leads to unhappiness when you’re living up to other peoples expectations of what success looks like. And I am learning to celebrate the balance sheet, not the idea of creation.

Q. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered in the entertainment business?

A. The most surprising thing that I discovered in the music business and industry is that most people are living a lie. A lot of the well-known celebrities are broke with horrible contracts where people are taking the majority of their money and they are receiving loans that they have to pay back and celebrating it as if that is successful. Many artists will give up the rights to their music for fame and glory.

Q. You have a new hip-hop single out called Riding. What inspired it and who do you think the song will appeal to?

A. My new single called “Riding” was done in 45 minutes. Like always I heard a beat, the beat spoke to me and that came to mind. I pulled in my driveway, wrote the whole song in my car and then went in my house in my home studio and recorded it. As a person who is a song creator, and artist, I feel when you feel the moment to create something you should do it and never get stuck in a box that people try to place you in. Because being an artist means being free and using the form of expression the way you want. This song gives a sexy grown-up vibe and it should be marketed to grown-ups only. I think it may appeal to anyone who feels sexy. It may even be able considered a strip club song. The point is to give off a sex appeal with steamy, hot grown-up lyrics.

Q. How do you define success?

A. I define success as first having peace, happiness, and having true love and people around me who love me unconditionally like my husband, kids, and mom. Ownership of my businesses and my brand. Being financially free without any debt. Being able to leave behind generational wealth for my kids.

Q. You have created different varieties of music from conscious rap to music that’s more adult in nature, like your new single Riding. Does this duality offer us some insight into your personality as well?

A. Absolutely, I have a song and album called Different Personalities. What I want people to know is they will always get me in raw form. I will always be authentic. My music reflects whatever mood I’m in.

Q. Recently you launched a potato chip line. Tell us about the chips. What inspired that entrepreneurial effort and where can we sample your chips?

A. I have always wanted to add product lines and I decided to move forward and put out my own line of chips. I released the first favor so people can sample the chip. My next release with the big box stores. The website is

Q. You host a podcast called From Da Ground Up? What types of topics do you delve into and who have been some of your more popular guests?

A. Our podcast From Da Ground up Productions has a wide range of different topics where we talk about current events. We have interviewed several independent artists, hip-hop and R&B legends and pioneers. Some of those people have been MC Shan, Special Ed, Greg Nice from Nice & Smooth, Trus from the group Hi Five, Buddy from the group Intro, Stevie D from the Force MD’s, Arrested Development, and Sweet LD from Oaktown’s 357.

Q. What’s next in business and in your personal life?

A. What’s next for me? Well, I would like to create songs and jingles for TV commercials and movies. I would also like to start creating short films and I would like to get our podcast to the point where we have sponsors and earn money with our own network when it’s feasible.

To book Ladi Miz for Music or Business Projects, or be considered as a guest on her Podcast From Da Ground Up, reach out at

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