South Florida Soul Singer Pauline Marie Releases New Single I Still Believe In Christmas

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I Still Believe in Christmas/ Pauline MariePhoto: Pauline Hutchinson

Pauline Marie hails from Delray Beach, Florida. We caught up with this talented rising star to get the scoop on her latest single I Still Believe in Christmas.

Q&A with South Florida's Rising Soul Singer Pauline Marie

What inspired I Still Believe in Christmas?
I was taking a shower one morning in late November. I remember waking up feeling really good. My son was home and safe. The holidays were around the corner and we would spend it together. I felt really happy about that. The song came pouring out. At first, as I was singing it to my self I was thinking, "Oh that's a great song," I wonder where I heard it? I'll have to download it." lol. Meanwhile, it was my song! Emerging fully-formed as so many of my songs do.

Did you ever stop believing in Christmas? When my son was a child, Christmas was everything. I wanted it to be magic for him. We did the list for Santa, I was full crazy cornering poor sales associates at Toys R Us for the Pink Power Ranger. Everything on the list had to be found and under that tree. Santa had to come through. Once he stopped believing in Santa, around 10 years old, it was sad for me. The magic that I had a hand in creating was gone. The feeling of joy I got from Christmas slowly faded each year to where Christmas would feel like Tuesday.

Who is this single for? This single is for anyone waiting to reunite with a loved one or family. 2020 was a tough year with the pandemic, especially during the holiday season. Families couldn't see each other.

What do you think are the ingredients of a good Christmas Song? Haha, definitely bells: church bells, sleigh bells. They are essential!

How did you celebrate Christmas as a child? Anything particularly memorable?

As a child, my Christmas was in Jamaica. I remember every Christmas morning would start overcast with a quiet, gentle breeze. I would set up the newspaper sheets on the front veranda to complete the jigsaw puzzle I received. I received 1 gift every year and it was always a puzzle.

You were in a relationship for many years, now you're single. How is Christmas different for you as a single person?

As a single working person, Christmas has become just a time to relax and reflect. I enjoy overdosing on those Hallmark movies and truly taking a day off versus when I was married which would be a day to have 25 over for an elaborate dinner.

What does Christmas mean to you? It means gratitude, reflection, and joy.

How will you be celebrating the holidays? Hopefully in my PJs the whole day lol.

How can we purchase the single? I Still Believe in Christmas is available on all platforms.


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