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Miami’s Queen of Cars Jennifer Thayer is paving a new lane for women in the automotive industry

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Miami influencer Jennifer Thayer is known by social media fans as JenBear92. View her social media and you're likely to see her highly entertaining lip syncs, dance, and comedy posts on TikTok and Instagram. She's grown an envious following of over a million fans on the platforms. It's an achievement most would be happy with, but Jen is anything but traditional. The blonde beauty started her career as a hip-hop dancer, then moved into the world of gaming. Later she conquered TikTok as a bonafide star. Now she is carving a lane for herself in the male-dominated auto industry as a car influencer on YouTube.

Those who really know Jen are not surprised by this development. Cars have been her first love since her teen years. She is an enthusiast intrigued about every aspect of automobiles, especially the build. She currently owns several sports and luxury cars.

She also invests in a gaming company and runs several other businesses. "I enjoy waking up every day and doing the things I enjoy. It beats a 9-5," said Thayer.

So what kind of topics are you likely to see on Jen's YouTube channel? Videos titled "Getting Beefy Boy Turbos on the M3, " and Pulling Apart the GTR Fuel Pump and Batteries." Let's be honest, this is not the kind of lingo you might expect to hear from a TikTok model, but it is the language Jen knows and embraces. Yes, she goes full throttle for the car enthusiast on her channel and she promises the upcoming new mod reveal will be 'epic.'

We caught up with Jen to learn more about what’s under her hood.

Q. Jen we’ve seen you on TikTok where you’ve amassed a million followers as a model and influencer @JenBear92 with your lip-syncs, dance, and comedy videos, but your real passion is cars. Excuse the pun but what drives that passion?

A. I guess my passion for cars stems from my enjoyment of progress. When working on a car there’s always progress being made whether it’s progress on the car itself or with your knowledge on how to work on cars.

Q. What kind of content do you share on your YouTube Channel?

A. Currently on my YouTube the content being shared is either me working on the car or taking one of my cars to the shop MPI to get things done.

Q. What kind of cars do you personally own and tell us about your most successful car project?

A. I currently have a 2015 Scion TC, 2014 Nissan GTR, 2017 BMW M3, 1993 Toyota Supra, and 2015 Porsche Turbo S. I would say the M3 is the most successful build because it’s the first car I’ve had fully build.

Q. How did your interest in cars start? And from what age?

A. I enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels at a young age as many other kids did. I didn’t start getting into cars until I was about 18–19 years old.

Q. Tell us one thing people may be surprised to know about you?

A. I’m incredibly shy in many situations.

Q. Have you faced any setbacks like discrimination or negative stereotypes by people especially men in the automotive industry? If so how have you dealt with it?

A. I always have people who doubt my skills or don’t think I know anything about cars. I honestly just ignore it because in this type of industry it’s always going to happen. Not all guys mean bad by it either, so it’s best to just not let it bother you.

Q. You recently invested in a gaming company. Is there a car tie-in?

Maybe in the future, the company could make a video game related to cars, but as of now there is no tie-in.

A. There are some popular reality shows about cars like Snoop Dog’s Pimp My Ride, The Car Chasers, and All Girls Garage on the Motor Trend Channel. Do you watch any of those shows and if so could you see yourself doing a reality show in the future?

I don’t watch any TV, so I haven’t seen these shows.

Q. What advice do you have for other women who are trying to find their way and achieve success in the automotive industry?

A. Don’t let the hate and negativity get to you. If you truly enjoy it and are passionate about it then go for it.

Visit Jennifer Thayer on social @Jenbear92 and on YouTube @Jenthay.

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