New Book "Out of Business: Moran" by David Citron takes readers on a personal journey through entertainment and finance

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Citron's Semi-Auto Biography reads like a business plan
David CitronDavid Citron

South Florida native and healthcare agent David Citron pens his first semi-autobiographical novel called “Out of Business: Moran.” Old media meets New media in this stream of consciousness tale that follows characters Caleb and Sloan as they find each other and themselves in the high flying worlds of high finance and music. 

The book takes us inside the world of Caleb Hanau who was raised Jewish. He seeks opportunity in higher education, Wall Street (and its ever changing spectrum of high finance and wealth management ) and he finds passion in music and his search for Sloan, the love of his life.

This unusual work takes an out of the box approach and is written as a business plan. In 27 Chapters including an introduction with Risk Factors, we see the rise and fall of the central protagonist Caleb. Some of it is poetic and some of it is in prose form all arriving at years of searching for meaning in experience, music, and relationships.
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It starts with “Dopamine” and continues with an Individual Investor rises with “1 800 Goodies,” a business plan from the 90s store. The Final Chapter is called Clearance. 

Through mentors, coaches and his own father Irv, Caleb still faces trials and tribulations with the lessons he learns and works to improve in life and in meaning. Caleb is left with “Reflections”

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About David Citron

Author David Citron is a journeyman with a myriad of experiences that have helped shape his life and work including stints in the media, high finance and healthcare.

Citron was born in South Florida and graduated very early at 20 years old from NYU Stern School of Business with a double major in Finance and Marketing and a B.S. as well, with a concentration in Entertainment.

He has worked in the insurance industry with his family and is credited with founding Creative Capital Works a venture catalyst and internet businesses.

David currently works in health care as an agent and is involved in several new online media businesses. “Out of Business” is his first novel. 


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