Video Creating made an Indian Boy Millionaire at 25

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Read the inspiring story of an Indian Youtuber Manoj Saru who started his own YouTube channel at 18 and now he is a millionaire and has more than 8 Million Subscribers and 60 Million views across YouTube
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Disclaimer: This story is not sponsored by Manoj Saru in any way. It is an informative and inspirational story to bring motivation and hope in your life.

This is a story of an Indian Boy whose name is Manoj Saru. He used to live with his small family in the south of Capital City Delhi. South Delhi is an area where rich and wealthy people live in luxurious flats with cars.

But Manoj Saru’s story is different. He lived in a small rented house with his mother, father, one brother, and three sisters. The house was too small to accommodate the whole family, but Manuj’s family did not have any other option or enough money to buy a luxurious flat. They lived together there for several years.

There was no fridge, AC, and television at his house. They had to make their food on the stove. Sometimes, they also had to skip their meals only because of extreme poverty. Their poverty was extreme so that his mom used to wash dishes at rich people’s houses.

Manoj had decided in his childhood that he would never let this condition of a family continue and would remove poverty from his house.

With his mother's help, he passed his Year 13(Class 12th) exams.

Manoj had a great interest in computers and gadgets. He had also gained a lot of knowledge in technical matters. Sometimes in his school’s computer class, his teachers encountered problems with computers, and Manoj used to so offer them the solution to their problem.

He wanted to do a Bachelor’s of Technology (B.Tech) Course from a college. But, the college asked for 100k Rupees($1.5k) as admission fees. It was really a huge amount of money to a poor Indian Family. He could not pay the fees even if his father, mom, and brother’s salary were included together. So, he could not join the college and his one year was going to the dogs. Manuj could not bear this pain. He cried continuously for three days.

Manuj really cried a lot for his higher education but he was not broken. He still had hopes of doing something great in his life. He joined an open university to complete his higher education. Somehow, he borrowed around $300 from his sister and purchased a new laptop. With a laptop and a slow 2nd Generation network, he continued his further journey.

One day, he got an article to read. It was about some ways to earn money from home. Manoj read that article and that day, he came across blogging.

Blogging is really not an easy job. People think blogging is easy because we can do it from our home. But, things are not as easy as they look.

Every blogger knows blogging is easy…not! It is one of the most difficult ways to earn money. When Manoj heard about blogging for the first time, he encountered many other complicated terms like domain, hosting, coding, CSS, javascript, SE0, SSL, and everything else related to blogging. Manoj went ahead. He wanted to earn some money during his college time. He struggled to learn everything related to blogging. He learned so much and finally, he entered into blogging. He did it continuously for one year. And at the end of the year, he ended up with $0.5.

Manoj said, ‘What is this? Is this what blogging promises?’. He gave up and stopped blogging. Indeed he stopped blogging, but he did not give up. Still, he wanted to do something.

One day again, he searched for ways to earn money from home online. And that day, he came across a new way called YouTube.

He started to create videos in his small, rented house where there is no AC as well, in the 40 degrees temperature of India, only a fan. He also could not switch on fans as Indian fans are very noisy. The sound interfered with his videos every time. So, he needed to switch off the fan every time and made videos in an immense hot temperature. He was really a talented boy and knowledgeable. He implemented whatever he had learned in his video creation. He made a channel and created 25 videos. He uploaded all of them there and he got really nice responses from them. He successfully crossed the milestone of 1k, then 10k, and at last, he was having 25k subscribers. But, unfortunately, most of the videos violated the community guidelines of YouTube. Total 3 strikes he got on his videos and finally, YouTube deleted his channel.

But, still, Manoj did not give up. His dream of doing something great in life was still alive. He did not get hurt when his channel got deleted by YouTube. Instead, he learned something very important. He learned that if we are working on any platform, we need to abide by all their rules and regulations and follow all ethics.

Now, he was more experienced as he had already learned many things from his mistake over YouTube and his deleted channel. He created a new channel. This time, he named his channel Technology Gyan. Gyan is a word of Hindi Language that means knowledge. Manoj again started to create videos and uploading them on YouTube. Slowly, his videos started to get into the eyes of the Audience. He worked hard for around 2 years and finally he received his first payment from a Google product called Adsense. Adsense is a popular google product that displays ads on the website and YouTube videos. He had not left the blogging completely. He was doing it too along with YouTube. From YouTube and Blogging together, he earned $250. It was his first income from the digital world in his life.

Manoj was really happy to receive his first payment. He thought it is great to earn while working at home in college life. So, he went ahead to take his business to a new level. He invested his first payment to buy necessary resources and tools like domain and hosting. He started to spend 18 hours daily in this side hustle. He designed his website, created videos for his channel in the kitchen during midnight, and also created content for his blog.

He struggled day and night to learn video editing and Search Engine Optimization. In the starting, he knew nothing about video editing. He used to prepare his videos from Microsoft PowerPoint.

After a lot of hard work, he was now able to afford a bigger house. He rented a 3BHK house where he could do his work comfortably. He became more excited when he moved to the new house. There, he worked 18 hours daily for more than 6–7 months and purchased a DSLR camera for creating videos at around $300. He also did not know how to use a DSLR. It was a difficult-to-use camera for home, but somehow, he learned to use it and then started to create high-quality videos for his large audience.

Now, his college was completed. His monthly income was also increased from $150 to $600. He was having then enough money to live his life. He joined a new course, Bachelor of Computer Applications. He also did a diploma in software engineering.

He did not stop. $600 per month was a great amount for him. He decided to make YouTube his Full-Time Career. One day, he went to his mother and said, ‘One day your son will make 100,000 Rupees($1.5k) per month.’ If you earn $1k per month in India, you will be called rich and can buy all your needs and fulfill your necessary wishes. So, he committed to his mother but his mother replied. Her reply is really worth mentioning and every entrepreneur, businessman, a content creator should listen to her reply.

She said,

“Clouds are of two types. One is raining cloud and second one is thundering clouds. Don’t become a thundery cloud become a raining one!’’

This reply did not let him sleep. He increased his struggle to a new level to complete his commitment of earning 100k Rupees per month.

He continuously worked and created a large number of videos and articles for his channel and blog. Gradually, his content reached a wider audience and his channel crossed 100k subscribers, then 200k, then 500k, and finally 1 Million subscribers.

People and technical brands started to know him. Brands paid him for sponsoring their products and services. There was a time when Manoj used to email brands for ads and they did not reply but now, brands themselves reached out to Manoj for the sponsorship of their products.

There was a time when his channel was deleted and had 0 subscribers but now in 2021, he had 8.8 Million Subscribers and more than 59 Million Views across YouTube.

One day, he committed to his Mom that one day he would earn 100k Rupees per month and now his net worth is 10 Million Rupees(Around $150k)
To check the authenticity of this story, you may check this official Video of Manoj Saru but it is in Hindi so you will need a translator tool. Here is its link:

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