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NYC Bag Lady Worth Millions as Historic Building Prompts Startling Discovery

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The homeless epidemic has hit epic proportions lately as rents become increasingly unaffordable on a modest income. However, when it comes to properly identifying the signs of being unhoused, the truth is not as clear-cut as it seems.

Elderly resident, Lisa Fiekowski is known to many people across the city as "the bag lady". The 71-year-old woman combed through a Brooklyn neighborhood in a worn torn vehicle filled with clothing and rubbish on a daily basis.

Nearby, New York City officials are preparing to demolish an abandoned rowhouse in a historic section of Harlem, after racking up nearly a decade of fines from neglected repairs to the building. Located in the Sugar Hill District, the neighborhood building has been considered a landmark for over two decades.

However, it turns out that the owner of the rowhouse, as well as several other buildings around New York City, is none other than Fiekowski, and she has an estimated net worth exceeding $8 million dollars.

Not only has she amassed a small real estate empire with the market value of her buildings being worth between $1 million dollars and $4 million dollar each. In addition, her primary residence is a $1 million dollar co-op unit near Prospect Park.

For now, residents are expressing their disappointment in the fact that the demolition would destroy such an integral part of their community. As for Mrs. Fiekowski, she continues to drive around in her 90s Toyota Camry, collecting her beloved soda cans, while holding onto her untold millions.

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