Bank of America Sends Customer's Rent Check to Wrong Landlord 6 Months after Auto-Pay Cancellation

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Many customers rely on banking systems to do things like process payroll checks, send bills to vendors on time, and ensure ATM funds are available for emergencies or last-minute purchases.

One customer, who has been banking with Bank of America over the last few years discovered that his decision to opt-out of an automated payment service wasn't something that would last forever.

The person goes by the name u/cicatriceschoices and detailed that they weren't too pleased when they received an email from a former landlord regarding a rental check payment last month. The money, which should have remained in his checking account, was actually sent via the bank's automated payment system even though the customer canceled the option a full six months ago.

When they followed up with BofA to let them know what type of inconvenience the mix-up caused, he says that he was met with horrible customer service and advised to cancel the auto-payment again, as if the ordeal was a mistake on his part.

According to statistics, more than $4.5 billion dollars in unauthorized transactions occur each year leaving as many as 4 million individuals at a loss for money that may not be replaced in some cases. However, when internal banking errors cause funds to leave an account, the effects can range from bounced checks, inability to pay bills, or other financial issues during times when every dollar counts.

Fortunately for the banking customer, his prior landlord did the correct thing and returned the funds to his account. However, there are countless stories where the person on the wrong side of the transaction may not be so lucky.

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