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85-Year-Old Couple Forced to Pay $1,000 Rent Increase Due to Being Married

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Rent prices have continued to rise over the past year as many residents have struggled to keep up as landlords in some states have been forced to increase prices as a result of high demand, lack of availability, and material shortages.

Although, for one senior couple, the increase couldn't have come at a worse time and it's almost too much to fathom.

"My mom and her husband are 85 years old, on a fixed income. Most of the people in there are between 80. I’ve met people who are 95. They’re not going to go get a second job. There’s no way for them to increase their income when they’ve governed themselves on a certain budget," -Yvette Collins, resident's daughter

An 85-year-old husband and wife who live in a retirement community in National City, just outside of san Diego, recently received a notification that their monthly rental payment will go up in the next 60 days.

The notice, which was provided to all residents in Paradise Village, detailed that the higher rental payments of at least $100 would apply to all residents in order to offset some of the community expenses such as labor and food for the hundreds of senior citizens who live there.

However, a newsletter revealed that for married couples, the amount of rent that they will be required to pay is $1,000 in additional payments each month, which is ten times the amount that the other tenants will be paying.

Typically, the monthly cost to live in the community is between $2,700 and $3,640 depending upon the type of care and services needed. Like many retirees, the couple survives day to day on a fixed- income consisting of social security and other payments.

As the $12,000 per year in extra rent costs is coming due, the couple is struggling to figure out how they will stay in the home that they have loved for the past several years.

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