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UPS Delivery Truck Driver Desperate for Fan Amid Triple Digit Temps Denied Due to Corporate Policies

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A New York UPS driver was desperate for relief from his job amid the summer heat which has seen triple-digit temperatures over the past few weeks.

As he turned in his vehicle for the night, he left a note for his boss to "install a fan" in the truck, to give him relief as the front compartment, often operated with doors wide open, can reach as much as 117 degrees on any given day in the hottest months of the year.

However, the supervisor's response was so disturbing that a fellow co-worker left a copy of the response on a social media page in light of the horrific conditions that some drivers face in the course of meeting company package quotas as one of the nation's premier shipping services.

The response left on a follow-up note, for the driver read" Can't install fan. It's a corporate decision".-UPS Representative.

News reports have detailed a dangerous trend among workers struggling to stay alert and keep cool amid the heat wave, with some passing out cold on the sidewalks of the very customers they serve. Others have suffered massive heat strokes, amid other injuries and deaths have occurred in rare cases due to collapsing from the insurmountable temperatures.

Workers across the country have demanded safer driving conditions as reports in places such as Texas, with tropical climates, show drivers losing their ability to regulate body functions such as the sensation of thirst.

As the season approaches its hottest month yet, and most employees are covered by unions, the corporate policy remains unchanged.

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