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Amtrak Shooting Victim's Family Seeks $100 Million from Railroad in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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A Kansas City family is seeking damages after one of their loved ones was killed in a shooting that occurred one night on an Amtrak train.

The victim, Richie Terell Aaron Jr. was riding home on a train when he was shot by another passenger, Marquise Webb after he boarded the railcar one evening with a loaded handgun. After the incident occurred multiple witnesses called for help as the victim lay bleeding out as a result of his injuries.

"He was just trying to get home to me and our three children. I am disgusted." - Widow of Richie Aaron

According to his widow, and accounts from other riders, the train failed to remain at the station where the shooting occurred so that emergency aid could be rendered, possibly saving Aaron's life. Ultimately, when the train did come to a halt, it had been at another stop in Independence, Missouri, which was more than 35 minutes away from where the shooting took place.

"Based on our initial investigation, Amtrak's Comittment to Safefty policy states all employees are empowered to stop an operation if an unsafe condition exists".-Nuru Witherspoon, attorney for victim's family

A federal lawsuit has been filed against Amtrak seeking $100 million dollars in damages, due to what they claim is a wrongful death. The documents cite the train personnel's lack of stopping the train, rendering aid, or apprehending the suspect immediately after the shooting occurred.

As the family awaits an outcome in the case, the victim's children who are all under the age of 13, are left to wonder why their father went to work one day and never came home.

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