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Applebee's Employee Fired for Leaking Plans to Dupe Workers into Low Wages

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A franchise employee at family restaurant chain Applebee's was fired this month after sending an email that many would find uncomfortable if not insulting to hospitality workers across the country.

Located in Springfield, a city in the southwestern part of Missouri, the restaurant franchisee crafted the correspondence that detailed plans to keep employees on the clock for much longer work days without paying them increased wages in return.

Once the email was shown to a manager at another Applebee's location in Kansas, Jake Holcomb, he immediately quit working for them, disgusted by what he had seen.

In what appeared to be an effort to bring awareness to the situation he admittedly made several copies of the email which he placed at various locations throughout the restaurant to ensure that the workers such as servers and waitstaff could see them.

“As inflation continues to climb and gas prices continue to go up that means more hours employees will need to work to maintain their current level of living.” - Leaked Applebee's email

Afterward, the manager decided to make a gesture and provided all of the meals that the restaurant's patrons ordered that day for free.

Eventually, he and the other workers left the restaurant without performing the closing procedures before sharing the email with a friend who eventually posted the information on the social forum Reddit.

A spokesperson for Applebee's stated that the words contained in the messaging are not reflective of the company, but are the thoughts of a single individual and that the email's author has been fired.

“This is the opinion of an individual, not Applebee’s,” - Kevin Carrol, Chief Operation Officer

Recently, the location has been closed for the past few days as it deals with the situation amid lots of backlash. Starting wage is currently $3 to $15 per hour for new hires with no experience.

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