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San Francisco Woman Charged $10,000 for Cab Ride That Lasted One -Mile and the Bank Sided With the Company

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Ridesharing or taxis, are some of the best ways to get around a new city or state that you have never been to before. One couple's attempt to get a ride to a birthday party turned into a financial nightmare.

Margarita Bekker and Chris Schlesinger visited San Francisco recently on a planned outing with family and friends and got the surprise of a lifetime. Their one-mile ride, which should have been approximately $9.87, cost them 10,000 dollars. To make matters worse, they weren't aware of the charges until they received their credit card statement a few weeks later.

As Christine frantically reached out to their card issuer Bank of America, who were reasonably expected to file a fraud report to recover the funds, the bank didn't help them at all.

The couple was mortified since the bogus taxi charges were equal to three months of their living expenses back home. Margarita, who is 51 years -old and works as a hospital interpreter, had provided tons of documentation. In addition, she spent several hours on the phone with bank representatives to try and get her money back.

“After reviewing the documentation, we found that the amount you were billed was calculated correctly,” - Bank of America letter

The cab company eventually reached out to the driver, who is legally considered an independent contractor, and pays $600 weekly for the taxi medallion, only to discover that he'd quit one week after the incident occurred.

For now, Mrs. Bekker is left holding the bag and trying to figure out how she will replace her wiped-out savings.

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